The Birthday Suprise

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I was on the phone with Hunter. It was summer break. I still havn't seen him sence our talk 3 months ago. 

"Hunter, you have to come visit soon. I'm starting to go crazy." 

"Starting to or have gone?" He joked

"Haha, very funny. Seriously though.When are you comming?" 

"I don't know. Sometime soon. I promise."

"That's what you said 3 months ago."

"I know, Em, I'm sorry. This isn't just hard for you but it's hard for me too."

"I understand Hunter." I could feel the tears. 

"I know you do. Well I got to go. Happy Birthday!"

"Oh my gosh! I thought you forgot!"

"I could never forget my best friends birthday." He said shyly.

"Well thank you. I'll talk to you later." I said

"Yep. Talk to you later. Bye." 


I got out of bed, put on my pink jacket, a pair of yoga pants and put my hair in a high ponytail. I put on my glasses and ran downstairs. I came into the kitchen to find everyone standing by the fridge. As soon as they saw me they all yelled 'Happy birthday'. Well, all but my older brother Keal. Him and I don't get along. He told me on my 13th birthday his life got ruend when I was born. I tried to shake that memory out of my mind but it's still there. I started to cry. 

"Awwww look guys you scared her!" Keal came over and hugged me "I told you this was a bad idea!" He was cuddling me like a baby.

"Get off me you butthole!" I screamed "These are happy tears!" He laughed and ran to his room.

"Don't worry about him sweetie. He's just being a jerk." Mom said as she hugged me. 

"I know momma. Thank you guys." I said 

"I made this for you sis!" Allyson came running up with a peice of paper in her hands. 

I read it out loud. "Happy birthday Emie! Your the best sister ever! Awwww thank you Ally!" I bent down and gave her a hug. 

"Your wlecome!" She said

"Happy birthday sweetheart." My stepdad Barney said as he kissed my head.


"There's breakfast on the bar for you."

"Thanks momma."

"You're welcome sweetie." Everyone left the kitchen. I sat at the bar and started eating. When I was finished, I went upstairs and got ready. I was going to the mall with some friends today. We were going to spend all day together. Me and my 2 girls, Mika and Erica.

I put on my lose pink and aqua 'You Know You Want It!' shirt. I put on some short-shorts. I straited my hair. I did my makeup and put on my sunglasses. Finally, I put on a pin that Barney got me. It said 'Birthday Girl' on it.

I ran downstairs to the living room and saw my mom and Allyson laying on the couch. Allyson looked at me suprised.

"Are you going on a date?" She asked

"No, I'm going to hang out with some friends."

"Oh...Can I come?"

"No sweetie, this is a big girl thing. To celebrate my birthday."

"Oh well have fun!" she said

"Thanks Ally. Oh and by the way, have you been getting into my makeup?" I asked. There was a long pause before she spoke.

"I only borrowed your lipstick." she said.

"Ally! You know to never use my lipstick or my makeup!" I yelled

"I'm sorry." she said

I heard a car honk.

"I got to go." I ran out the door

I went outside and saw my best friend Erica. She got out of the car and hugged me. Mika did the same.

"Happy Birthday!" They both said.

"Thanks!" I said.

I got in the passenger side of the car. Erica driving and Mika in the back.

We spent all day together. Shopping, hanging out and being girls. It was around 6:00.

We were driving home and Erica misses my turn.

"Hey, you missed my turn."

"I know." She said. She looked back at Mika with a crazy smile.

"What do you mean you know?"

"We have one more stop." Mika said

"Where?" I asked

"My house." Mika said

When we got to Mika's house she left the car.

"Stay here." she demanded

She came back with a blind fold and a present.

"Get out of the car." she said

"Why?" I said as I got out.

She put the blind fold on me.

"What's going on?" I asked as Erica helped me back into the car.

"Nothing." Said Mika

In about 5 minutes we were in a driveway but I didn't know whos. Mika and Erica helped me up to the front steps. We walked in and it was really quiet. All of a sudden one of the girls ripped off the blindfold.

"Suprise!!!" A lot of people yelled.

I almost screamed and I started to cry. My mom walked over to me.

"Hey sweetie it's okay." mom tried to comfort me

"Oh my god!! Thanks everyone!" I said.

I saw eveyone there. All my cousins, aunts, uncles and relatives I didn't even know but they knew me. The party lasted for another 5 hours. My mom and Barney rented a DJ, discoballs, and we had a dance floor in the garage. After one of the mother-daughter dances, I gave a speech.

"I would like to thank everyone who came tonight. This is probably one of the best parties ever. I know that my daddy isn't here but I'm pretty sure he helped mom plan this all out." I looked up at the sky and mouthed "I miss you and love you daddy." "I would also like to thank Erica and Mika for taking me out for a girls day today. I really had fun. So that's all I have to say. Thank you and i love you all." I started walking away but then Erica pulled my back.

"We actually have one more suprise for you Em." Erica said

"What?" I asked

As soon as I said that the croud of people split in two and in the middle, there he was. With the most georgous eyes and hair that parted perfectly. In the spotlight. Hunter.

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