How you meet

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Your best friend was forcing you to go to some party for her other friend's birthday. You didn't really want to go but you were being a good friend. You put on a pair of jeans and a random top with some flip flops; you didn't want to be too fancy for someone you didn't even know. You got to the cub where she was having her little get-together and immediately regretted agreeing to come. The place was packed with people and you didn't even recognise one person. "(Y/B/F/N) I think I'm gonna catch a cab and go home..." you started to walk away but she caught you by your t-shirt. "Nope, you're coming with me! Maybe you'll meet people in real life instead of on your stupid computer!" You let out a long sigh. "Okay whatever," you agreed. A few seconds after looking around the packed club you turned around to say something to your friend, but she was gone. "Crap..." You muttered under your breath. You spun around a few times trying to look for her until you finally gave up and let out a defeated sigh. You then felt someone tap your shoulder and you span around so fast you almost fell over. You looked up and immediately locked eyes with the most beautiful pair of blue eyes you'd ever seen. "Looking for someone?" He finally said. You didn't reply for a few seconds, thinking about what you should say. You finally replied, "No." It was none of his business anyway... You thought. "Well, my name's Luke," he said, "Nice to meet you Luke, I'm Y/N." Luke just looked at you for a moment, "Well a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Care to dance?" You looked down at the ground as you blushed, you looked back up to see him with a huge yet hopeful grin on his face. "Sure," you replied.


You were doing some shopping in the mall with the money you had saved up from working your summer job. You were so excited to do this because you seldom got a chance to do some real shopping. You went to the food court to stop for a break; carrying all those bags in not easy. You ordered a drink and snack from Starbucks and sat down. The place was completely packed, you were lucky you found a seat. You were enjoying your drink and cookie when you heard someone say something behind you. It wasn't very audible though. You turned around to see a boy who looked around 16 or 17 with dark brown hair and huge brown eyes. He was also wearing a burgundy beanie which looked adorable on him because he had pulled it all the way down to his eyebrows. "Is this seat taken?" He asked, pointing to the seat next to you. "Sorry," he looked down and blushed, "the others all seem to be taken." He had a very cute accent too. You looked around and gave him a small smile and nodded. You turned around and went back to eating your cookie. "My name's Calum," he said. You glanced over at him and gave him a small smirk. "Y/N," you said. You both were silent for a few minutes as you ate your food. Calum then got up, but before he left he whispered in your ear, "it was nice meeting you, Y/N," and he slidyou a folded napkin. He winked at you, then walked away. You opened the napkin and it read, "call me, ***_**** cal xx"


You were on your Sunday jog, you got up extra early today because you wanted to make it to the cafe before a line started to form. You ran down five blocks before you finally made it to the small cafe in the middle of the town. It was small, but you loved that about it because it was so cozy. You walked in and ordered the 'usual', you go there a lot so they practically knew your order by heart. You sat down as you waited for them to finish your order, and plugged in your headphones. You scrolled through the songs and just gave up so you clicked shuffle. 'Beside You' by 5 Seconds Of Summer came on and you smiled instantly. You loved that band so much. They were all very attractive, but your heart had one special place for their drummer, Ashton. You've never gotten a chance to meet them because you live in Los Angeles, but you were excited when you heard they were going to be staying in your are to write their debut album! You were always very hopeful that you might see them around one day, like that would ever happen. After a few minutes, the nice barista brought you your order and walked away. You just ordered a large coffee and cinnamon bread, like you do every time. You began to eat away happily while listening to 'Try Hard' which you had to admit was your favourite song by 5SOS because of the line "I play guitar but she's into drummers" . You then left the cafe and started your five block jog back to your house. You were jogging along minding your own business, when you saw someone run up beside you from your peripheral vision. You looked over and almost tripped and fell on your face when you saw who was jogging next to you, but you kept running. THE Ashton Irwin was jogging next to you and smiling like an idiot. "Hello," he panted, barely audible. "I'm guessing you know who I am by the look on your face," he said as you took out your earbuds, you both were now walking instead of jogging like you were before. "But I would like to know who you are." He said with a smirk. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!! You thought. "I'I'm Y/N," you said. He grinned widely and snatched your phone from your mp3 holder attached to your armband. "HEY WHA-" you yelled, you stopped right in the middle of your tracks when you saw him making a new contact with the name "Ash <3" in it. You still couldn't believe this was even happening. "Text me," he said, You nodded, still so shocked by what has just happened  and he walked the other direction.


"You've got to be kidding me!!" You yelled to the man behind the register at the game store. "I waited a WEEK for you to get this game back in stock and now you tell me you don't have it yet?!?!" You were beyond pissed right now, you waited for this game to get back in stock after he told you it sold out last week. The game store sent you an email apologising about it not being available, but sorry doesn't cut it with you. You felt like you were literally the only person in town who hadn't played the game yet. You were very serious when it came to gaming. "I'm never buying another game here again," you say as you stomp away from the register. You slam the door making the frame shake as you stomp to your car. You hop in your car and slam the door hard. You reach in your pockets and look through your purse. Where are my damn keys?!? You thought. You let out a long heavy sigh, you didn't want to go back in the store after what just happened in there, but you needed your keys. Just as you were about to get out of your car and face everyone in that store again, someone tapped on your window. You looked over and you were met with bright green eyes and platinum hair. He was looking at you expectantly as you rolled down your windows. "Yes?" You said confusesd. He chuckled and held up something in his hand. It was your keys! Oh my God he was a life saver! "Oh my God thank you SO much!...Uh..." You trailed off. "Michael," he said. He passed you your keys and he smiled up at you gratefully. "Y/N. Do you have a ride or anything?" You said, noticing the empty parking lot around you. You looked up and saw little raindrops falling and you could see them hit his face. "Because it looks like it's about to storm and I could give you a ride if you need it..." You trailed off. "Um... I'll take your offer on that!" He grinned. "But, on one condition..." he continued. You looked at him curiously. "And what would that be?..." You asked. He smirked and you were still waiting for his answer. "I take you on a date this Saturday." He said, still smirking. You giggled quietly and looked back up at his smug face. "Deal," you said. He walked around the car and got in the passenger seat.

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