Doctor's P.O.V. 

They didn’t believe me. The people of Demeter, those fools, didn’t believe me. I was trapped in this unbreakable cell with nothing to do but grow old and die while they sat back and laughed.

Nothing prepared me for what they were doing to Violet, though. They were giving her up to the cyber men like a lamb to slaughter. None of this was her fault, yet she was in danger again. I knew how much the cyber men scared her, so I hated this punishment. If I could trade myself for her then I would, in a heartbeat.

This ‘prophecy’ or whatever it was called kept following me and I didn’t know what to do. It happened with the cyber men in Rio and it was happening again. How could it possibly be effective this far away from Earth? I couldn’t understand why this was happening, and I had no clue how to stop it.

When Jaqui took her from her cell, I’d never felt more vengeful in my life. I wanted to kill him- that innocent soldier who was only doing what he was told- and that scared me. I never wanted to kill anyone or anything. Never.

“Let her go!” I shouted, my voice raw with desperation. “Leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve this.”

I slammed my body into the cell door, hoping it might break. The seemingly fragile structure was very strong, however. I didn’t even make a dent.

I was about to start screaming again when I caught her eye. She was staring at me with a look of sad acceptance, almost as if she thought this would be the last time she saw me. It wouldn’t, though. It couldn’t. I wouldn’t let her go, not yet.

The moment was over in a flash. I wished it could have felt longer, but everything seemed heightened, faster even. I just had time to see the shine of tears reflecting in her hazel eyes before she disappeared from my sight.

I screamed again. It wasn’t enough. I didn’t have enough time with her. This couldn’t be it: one glance that lasted a second? That wasn’t a goodbye. I hated goodbyes, but I couldn’t accept her leaving without one. She was worth a goodbye. She deserved a goodbye.

The ship tore it’s way through the atmosphere as I slammed my body against the cell. I couldn’t see the ship, but I could see the effects of it in the sky.

Before I could even process what could be happening, I heard her scream. There was a thunderous crack and then silence.

My blood felt cold. I wanted to know what was happening but another part of me wasn’t sure that I wanted to see it. The pain in my gut did not subside until I heard the voice. It wasn’t her voice, though.

It was the emperor.

“Where is she? How could you let her fall?”

My heart stopped.

Fall. Was that cracking her…? No… She couldn’t be dead. She just… couldn’t be.

“She didn’t fall, sir. She jumped.”

I knew then why she’d done it. She didn’t want to be taken by the cyber men. She knew that there was no way out of this, so she made a way out. She threw herself from the cliff so the cyber men couldn’t use her. She died because I was too weak to let her go. Now, I had no choice. I had to let her go, because she was gone. I had no say in it this time. No goodbye.

I fell to my knees, all the energy drained out of me. I wanted to scream. I wanted to let out the anger I’d been holding in and hit the bars until my fists were bloody, but all I could do was sit there, on my knees and staring at the roof of my cell, searching for something to hold onto.

The people of Demeter huddled close, arguing about what to do, while I sat inside my cell. Distantly, I heard the sound of the cyber men’s ship landing. Well, it would be interesting when they found out that the one thing that kept their planet alive for years had just jumped off the cliff. Good one Violet.

“Where is the female?” A cold, robotic voice shouted from the landing ship. It hovered above the ground for a minute, waiting for news of its prisoner. I leaned back against the door wearily, trying not to think about her.

“My lord,” The emperor said, placing his hands above his head. Even from here I could see the desperate gleam in his eyes. “She seems to have… escaped.”

There was a moment of silence. The moment seemed to last for ages, until I felt I was choking on the sheer vastness of the quiet. It seemed unending. That was, until, he spoke.

“What?” He shouted, his cold metal voice startling me, though I’d expected it. This was the first time I’d ever heard a cyber man speak with emotion, though it wasn’t a good emotion. It was fear and hatred and doubt all packed into one desperate word that both intrigued and frightened me. Cyber men didn’t show emotion. They couldn’t.

“Uh, we, well, she just, jumped, my lord.” The emperor stumbled, gesturing to the cliff. The ship seemed to freeze for a moment, then started ascending slowly.

“She was your last hope. The cyber men will take this planet, now.” The voice uttered before the ship took off towards the stars.

“Wait!” The emperor called. For whatever reason, the ship stopped and came back down. I could sense the tension, though.

“We have more to offer.” The emperor said, his voice shaking. I could tell that the ship was intrigued, though, because it didn’t move. It simply sat in dull silence. I could imagine the dull crevices that passed for eyes on every creature inside that ship staring intensely down at this scene, watching, wondering.

With a nod in his direction, Jaqui disappeared from the emperor’s side. It only took a second for me to realize where he had gone before he appeared inside my cell.

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