Sapphire P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I could barely see, so I blindly picked up my phone and answered it.

"Hello?" I mumbled.


"Cameron?!?" I said slightly louder then I meant to.

"I'm home. Come over so we can talk please."

I hung up and put my phone down. I snuggled back up with Sam and fell asleep.

*3 hours later*

I woke up again because I felt extremely hot. I picked up my phone. I saw 10 missed texts from Cameron. It was already 11:45 am. I slithered out of Sam's arms, so I could go see Cameron. I took a quick shower and picked out my clothing. I was wearing a lace crop top, high waisted jean shorts and white flip flops. I left Sam a note reading:

Hey babe I had to go to Cameron's, help yourself to any food. I'll be back, don't get too fat.

Love, Fire

I sat the note on his phone and walked out my room. I grabbed my penny-board and started riding to his house. It was about 10 minutes away. When I got there I rang the doorbell. His mother answered.

"Hi Sapphire."

"Hi Mrs. Dallas where is Cameron?"

"Upstairs in his room."

I thanked her and started walking up to his room. I knocked.

"Come in."

I walked in and I saw him on his phone on his bed. I stood on the doorway not moving. He got up and came to hug me, but I didn't hug back.

"Where were you? I called you 3 hours ago!" he all of a sudden yelled.

"I should be asking you that! I was worried sick!" I yelled back. The tears started to flow. He looked down at his feet.

"What did you do?!" I yelled. I knew he did something.

"I'm so sorry." He mumbled.

"Tell me what you did."

"I'm so sorry. So I went to the bathroom and as I was walking out and a fan came up to me. And we took a picture and she kissed my cheek. Then she started to flirt and I was trying to get away, but she kept kissing me and I couldn't resist. I kissed back, I'm so sorry." He said with a guilty look on his face.

"And?" I said still not satisfied he was telling the whole story.

"And I slept with her." He said very quietly.

"You what?!?"

"I'm so sorry"

"How did kissing lead to sex?"

"It just happened. She lived close by and we ran to her house. Then it happened."

"Why? How could you do this to me? I loved you."

"Loved?" he said with a surprised look.

"Yeah. Loved meaning in the past."

"Please no! I'm so sorry I need you I made a mistake! She means nothing to me."

"We're done." I said sobbing.

"P.S Sam had to take me home after I waited 2 hours for you!"

"He did what?"

"Yeah. He also slept over, but NOTHING HAPPENED BECAUSE I THOUGHT LOVED YOU!" I yelled.

"You're such a jerk! " I said getting in his face. He got angry and stood up, towering over me.

"I said I was sorry." He said through gritted teeth. I didn't even flinch.

"I'm leaving." I said getting ready to walk out. He grabbed my wrist with a tight grip.

"Let me go! You're hurting me." I yelled. He twisted my arm a little and then let go. I looked at my arm and saw a dark reddish-blue mark on my arm from where he was gripping. I felt hot tears fall down my cheeks. He looked at me with a much softer look.

"Sapphire- I'm- I'm so sorry. You know I would never mean to hurt you." He said stepping towards me. I stepped back until I was against the wall. I saw tears coming down his cheeks.

"Please. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-" was all I heard before I ran down the stairs. I saw his mom out of the corner of my eye cooking.

"Is everything okay?" She said in a concerned tone.

"Just peachy." I said through gritted teeth. I ran out the house and rode my penny-board to my house. I still saw Sam's car there. I'm glad I need someone to comfort me. I ran inside and sat on the couch still crying. I looked at my arm and saw it still was bruised.

"Sapphire?" I heard Sam yell from upstairs. I just sniffled, I really didn't feel like talking. Sam ran down the stairs with a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong?" He said wiping my tears. He looked down at my arm and then at me with a shocked expression.

"He did this to you?" He asked getting angry. I nodded my head.

"What's his address?"

"No it's fine, please." I asked trying to calm him down.

"Give me the address." He said getting more angry. I typed the address in his phone and he stomped off.

Sam P.O.V

What the hell? Why would he do that? I thought he actually loved her. As I arrived at his house I rang the doorbell and the devil himself answered.

"Don't you ever touch her! Ever. You better never lay a finger on her again or I will beat the frickin crap out of you. She's bruised. I hope you got what you wanted." I yelled in his face. I punched him in the face, not to hard to really bruise. I walked away before he got the chance to say anything else.


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