Love Happens - Part 10

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Love Happens - Part 10

Your P.O.V.

We turn around and see at least 50 girls standing outside Starbucks screaming and pounding on the window.

Justin and I look at eachother and smile.

Justin - ''C'mon!'' He says and grabs my hand as we walk towards the big window.

The girls screams louder as we come closer to the window.

Justin waves at them and mouths ''I love you'' to them.

I blow kisses to them and wave at them.

They're taking pictures of us and screaming their lungs out.

I grab my phone from my bag and take pictures of them.

YN - ''Justin! Stand there!'' I say and point at the middle of the window for him to stand.

He nods smiling and stands there.

I step back a bit so the entire window can be seen in the picture.

I hold my phone with my right hand and count to 3 with my left hand fingers to let them know I'm gonna take a picture.

Justin gets down on his knees and does a duck-face.

The Beliebers/YFD raise their arms and smile!

I take 3 pictures and thumbs-up to them!

Justin - ''Your turn! Stand there!'' He says smiling and grabs my phone out of my hand.

I walk towards the window and stand where Justin stood before.

I  get down on my knees and place my palms on the window.

Justin counts to 3 with his fingers too before he takes a picture.

I stand up and blow kisses at them again.

Love my YFD! They're so amazing and supportive!

Justin - ''Shall we continue our breakfast now?'' He says and chuckles.

YN - ''Yep! Cause I'm starving!'' I say and pat my stomach.

He laughs and wraps his arm around my back as we walk towards the counter to order!

The cashier looks up at us and totally freezes.

She stares at us in shock and drop the magazine she was reading.

Cashier - ''It's you!'' She says and points at us with a shaky voice.

YN - ''I guess...''' I say and giggle.

She smiles and stares at Justin.

She's in Bieber-coma...

I cough intentionally to get her attention so we can order..

Cashier - ''I'm sorry for staring but I really love you guys! What's your order?'' She says squealing and smiles.

Justin - ''We love you too sweetie! Well, I'll have a chocolate frappuchino!'' He says and smiles widely.

Cashier - ''Got it! And you?'' She asks me and giggles.

YN - ''I'll have a caramel frappuchino!'' I say and smile widely.

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