~Ariana's POV~

I rushed towards Zayn's front door and rang the doorbell about 20 times. As soon as he unlocked the door, I pushed past him and sat on the couch trying to control my breathing.

"Whoa, Ariana, what's wrong?" He sat next to me and pulled me into his arms.

"Everything, everything is wrong," i pulled away from him and held my head in my hands, "Harry probably hates me, there's a guy trying to kill us and someone has been following me for about two weeks now and I have no idea who." I quickly looked up at Zayn realizing what I just said; I  never wanted him to know someone was following me. He has enough to worry about and I don't want him to be even more stressed. 

"There's been someone following you for two weeks and you didn't think to tell me?!" He got up from the couch and started pacing."Ariana, do you have any idea what could have happened to you? You couldn't been raped, kidnapped or even killed! You need to tell me these things; I need to protect you. I- I can't lose you." I got up from the couch and walked over to him. I grabbed him neck with one hand and grabbed his hand with the other.

"But I'm okay, I'm not hurt and you definitely won't lose me. I love you." I pulled his neck towards me and let our lips find each other. His sweet lips danced perfectly with mine. I kissed him hard, making sure he understood that I wasn't going anywhere. We finally pulled away from each other. He picked me up and kissed my nose lightly, "Good because I love you, Ariana."  (GIF ON THE SIDE)

He  brought us to his room. He sat on his bed, pulling me on top of him as he held me tightly. 

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't want you to have too much to worry about." I kissed him lightly on his cheek as he looked into my eyes."It's alright, but you have to understand that we're in danger and that whatever seems off to you, you need to tell me, okay?"


With that, we laid on his bed, clinging to each other for hours until his phone rang. It sounded like he mumbled a "shit" before he pecked my lips and answered his phone outside the door. Although he had shut the door, I could make out what he was saying.

"What the fuck are you talking about?...Now? No it's not a fucking good time!...Can't you deal with it?...Shit...Well, where is he now?...Call Harry, tell him what's going on. I'll be there in 45 minutes."

He entered the room quickly and began to pack some things in a bag. I sat on the bed, waiting for him to tell me what's going on.


"Ariana, we have to go right now. Go into Kendall's room and grab some of her clothes. I'll explain everything in the car, but we have to leave, now." I did as I was told, without questioning him any further. Once I entered Kendall's room, I grabbed some clothes that I had forgotten here and rushed out of the house towards Zayn's car. He grabbed the clothes form my hand and shoved them into his bag. Once we were in the car, he drove fast to wherever we were going.


"Are you going to tell me what is going on or where we're going yet?" It had been 20 minutes since we left his house and I couldn't bear to be silent any longer. He sighed deeply, before speaking.

"I got a call from one of my friends saying that Seth and a few others guys were looking for you and when they didn't find you at your house, they were making their way towards mine. I had to get you out of there or who knows what they wouldv'e done. We're going to my old house where I used to meet up with my gang. Seth doesn't know about it; we made sure to keep it hidden so that he wouldn't attack us late at night."

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