•The neighbors pt 1•

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There will be a author's note at the end

3 weeks later.....

Yn p.o.v

Its been three weeks since the incident. The funeral was held April 14th 2014 or last week so I didn't have to go to school and frankly I dont want to. I don't want to have to walk in and hear im sorry or my condolence. After the funeral my mom told me that we're moving, she just doesn't feel safe and I can't help but think this is all my fault I basically lead them to us I should have listened when she said she had a bad feeling now we have to move and my fathers life had to get taken.


I just finished packing all my stuff we're leaving in the morning. Im not sad or anything I have been through this from a young age. We're moving to Downey California.....thats so far from here but they won't expect us to be all the way across the country. California thats gonna be different.

•Next Day•

Its 9:00 in the morning and im saying bye to my a1's since day one my best friend Danielle and my cousin Jadaa. They are the only people that really understand me and have been here for me for all 18 years of my life vice versa.

Jadaa: I'm gonna miss you you have to call us when you reach California

Danielle:I don't want you to leave*starts crying* I need you both of you

Y/n:Wait wait what happen

Danielle: Daniel keeps threatening to hurt me and he feels on me. Every time I try to tell my mom she doesn't believe me and threats to kick me out I'm s-scared

Y/n: Why didn't you say something earlier

Jadaa:Yea you could have stayed with me

Yn/mom:YN LET'S GO

Y/n: guys I have to go but when I get off the plane I'll call *hugs both of them*

I got in the cab and pulled my phone out. I got a message from a blocked number


Blocked: just because you leave doesn't mean im gone

Im not going to show my mom the text she already has enough to deal with but im not gonna delete it.


Its been two hour into this plane ride and there is 3 hours left of this ride im surviving I got my laptop, Cheetos and my sprite I was on tumblr until I felt tired.

After about an hour I fell asleep until the attendant told me there was 10 min left so I got my stuff nd woke up my mom who had been sleeping for the whole ride. We got off got our bags and my mom told me to call my brother


Y/n:we're here

August: the airport

Y/n: no shit

August: listen..... What part

Y/n: we're by the first entrance

August:alright I'm on my way see you in 5

*end of call*

Y/n:he's on the way

...5 min later...

August just got here and we are on the way to the new house. I'm thinking of getting a job so I can get my own car. The collage Im going to is not far either which is good...

*20 min later*

August: we're here *slams car door*


The house was nice not to big but not small at all. Once we settled in there was a knock at the door so I answered it there was a Hispanic lady that looked to be about 43 like my mom she had a big smile on her face

???: hello my name is Teresa Perez and I just wanted to welcome you to our neighborhood


Y/mom: yes who was at the- oh hello

Teresa: hello my name is Teresa, Teresa Perez and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood

Y/mom: thank you would you like to.. Come in

Teresa: sure

While my mom was socializing I decided to go upstairs to my room and relax

*1 1/2 hours later*

My mom woke me up and told me we were having dinner at Ms.Teresa's so I got up took a shower and got dressed (link in comments) we were leaving at 8 it's 7:30 now the house is right next door so I just went back to sleep until 7:55.

When I woke up it was 7:50 so I put my shoes on and me and my mom went to the house. She knocked on the door and a boy about my age opened the door

~Sorry if its short I was writing on mobile but its going to become longer pause (thats what she said) i just wanted to get those parts out the way. To welcome Ej I want to add him to this so I need a girl for him if you wanna be with him comment a description of your personality, name and age for the story(18 or 19) that's all for now mitches

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