Chapter 14

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Riley's room on the side!!


I woke up the next morning with a smile. 

I get to wear anything I want today, not having to look good for anyone. 

Phoebe's my twin sister. The one girl I always admired because she wasn't afraid to be herself, was my twin. But why was she with Ry in the first place? I'll have to ask her about that. Yesterday, after the guys left it was about midnight, we agreed to go to brunch today and know eachother better.

Getting out of bed, I slid on some black shorts and a shite sleveless top with black stripes running across it. I put on some black converse and brushed my hair out before putting it in 2 braids.

I looked good, casual, but good.

I walked out of my room and knocked on Phoebe's door. She had agreed to stay here so we could know eachother and makeup  for lost time. She took the guest room that looked exactly like mine, purple with a tumblr travel theme. It was also right next to mine.

"Phoebe, 20 minutes." I said walking in as she brushed her hair.

"Okay, I'll be ready." she said running a flat iron down her already straight hair.

"You don't have to straighten your hair, it's just me, not some guy." I joked sitting down.

"I'll explain it at brunch." she said re-brushing it.

"Ready." she chirped after a few more minutes.

We walked together to Starbucks together and ordered some food before sitting down.

"So, any questions you want to answer first?" she chirped.

"Uh yeah, why were you with Ry yesterday?" I asked

"Well, we were both at the cemetary and he was crying and I told him it's okay to cry, and he brought me back to your house." she explained.

There was my answer.


I was currently sitting at Ryder's house with Phoebe, Mason and of course Ryder.

We were watching Pocahontas when Austin, Kira's boyfriend, or was he an ex boyfriend now?, ran in.

Without a word, Austin ran up the stairs and Ryder and I followed after.

"Austin what's going on?" I asked as he searched Kira's room.

"Where is it? WHERE IS IT?!" he screamed and I saw tears fall down his face as he was throwing stuff around.

"Where is what?!" Ryder asked.

"Our box. Our shoe box of things, ugh you wouldn't understand!" He yelled digging around.

"Hey." I said calmly putting a hand on his shoulder, making him freeze.

"Explain. Make us understand." I said softly.

He nodded and sat on the bed where Ryder and I joined.

"We made a box of things we wanted to do before we die. I knew she had cancer but she wasn't supposed to die so soon, we had so many things we never got to do. I was supposed to take her to Paris next month, and marry her. We had our pictures in there in an album and a week after she was put into the hospital I put the plane tickets and engagement ring in there hoping that when she got out she would find them." He said.

"That's so cute. I know she would've loved it too, now let's find that box." I said.

"It has a pink heart on the top and drawings all over it." he said wiping his face. Ryder and I nodded before getting off the bed and searching. AFter half an hour, I found it buried under her bed.

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