Unexcepted Wake-up Call

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As the foxes took Snow to the cell, Mephiles watched out his window of his room. The moon was out and stars danced across the sky.

Mephiles: How could she.. alone.. take out a group.. and get my money?

He growled a little but slightly smiled.

Mephiles: Devin! Bring me Snow!

He laughed softly to himself as Devin growled and quickly walked out.

Devin: If he does what I think he is... After saying not to...

He growled as he reached the cell. Snow was laying on the hard bed curled up facing the wall.

Devin: Hey. You awake?

Snow didn't answer or budge. A mean smile spread across Devin's face. He unlocked the cell quietly,stepping lightly so he wouldn't make any noises. He stopped as Snow's ears twitched and she turned a little, now laying on her back.

Devin: This should be fun.

He laughed quietly as he walked towards Snow. He smirked as he softly stroked her face making her twitch a bit. Mephiles waited patiently for Devin to return with Snow in the other room.

Mephiles: What is taking him so long?

He growled and quickly ran to the room filled with cells. Devin smiled as he unzipped his pants, having already gotten Snow's panties off.

Devin: Wow... I believe she's untouched down here.

He smirked and rubbed gently up her thigh and lifted her skirt. He smiled, close enough for him to feel his tip touching her area. Snow's eyes shot open as Mephiles rounded the corner. A sharp growl escaped her lips as she swung her arm and purple ice shards pinned Devin to the wall of the cell.

Snow: What the fuck are you doing?!

Devin's eyes showed fear as she stood up growling. Her eyes were turning dark purple as she pulled her panties back on, not letting Devin leave her sight. Mephiles stood outside the cell watching.

Snow: You asshole...

She had her eyes flattened against her head. Devin whined slightly.

Devin: I'm sorry! I.. I shouldn't have!

Mephiles: No excuses...

Snow jumped amd turned around her eyes returning to her normal ice blue. Mephiles smiled.

Mephiles: Snow. Come on out.. And lock the door.

Devin: Wh-What?

Mephiles: You will have to learn.

Snow looked at Devin and growled a little. She than walked as the ice vanished from Devin and she locked the door.

Mephiles: Come with me, please Snow.

He turned and walked out, Snow following closely, shook up.

Snow: Um... That..

Mephiles: I understand what happened.. You were protecting yourself.

Snow: Why do you want me here?

Mephiles sighed as he walked into the same room as before. He turned to her as she walked in as well.

Mephiles: I wanted to apologize for sending someone after you... Here..

He threw the bag down and turned away.

Mephiles: You can have this.. and leave. I understand you have had a hard life. and I respect that.. So I won't make it any worst.

Snow looked at the bag than Mephiles, confused but thankful.

Snow: Thank you..

Mephiles: And I apologize for Devin as well..

Snow: It's okay.. I'm use to it... It isn't the first time someone tried that.. But first time someone got that close..

She looked down slightly as he turned to her, concerned.

Mephiles: Well..  If you are ever in trouble.. And can't fight.. Call me..

Snow: Okay..

He held his hand out for a handshake, Snow stuck hers out as well but instead of a handshake, Mephiles planted a soft kiss on her hand.

Mephiles: Thank you for the pleasure of meeting you, Snow. Goodbye.

Snow: Um.. You're welcome, Mephiles. Bye..

He turned and walked to the window as Snow made her way out, blushing softly.

Snow: Mephiles...

She got outside and took off running with the bag, confused yet flattered. Mephiles watched as she ran away.

Mephiles: Until we meet again Snow...

He turned and walked away from the window.

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