chapter 2

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rose's p.o.v

it was HARRY STYLES he saw me and smiled I smiled back. I felt all tingly inside. I was so glad he was here I kept on looking over at the start but then he pointed to a seat next to him but I gestured him to come to me. He did and we talked a lot. every time the girls came on stage I would look at him because he would be staring and then I would tease him about it. at half time he went and got his face painted like a little kid it was so cute I knew in the back of my mind then I wanted him more than ever. he then got tickets for the raffle and we sat back down as they started shuffling the tickets. only one person in the whole of the circus would win they shown us the prizes there was a big green monkey teddy a big pink teddy bear and £200 worth of free tickets to this circus. they called the number out and me and harry looked around his lap to see if he had won. he had I told him as he hadn't seen and he went to the front and he had the choice of what he wanted. earlier when we were shown the prizes he said he wanted the green monkey and I wanted the pink bear. I was shocked when he chose the pink bear and he came back and gave it to me the whole circus awwwwed I felt my heart melt and I thanked him right at that point everyone else disappeared as I looked into his beautiful mysterious emerald green eyes. but then I thought back to my friend his girlfriend and knew I had to try find someone else. but I then decided that I would just think about him and me while we were at the circus. I found myself nearly every five minutes staring at him. why was he so perfect his cheeks which looked like they had loads of cute little holes, his lips looked so soft and I tried remembering back to when we dated and I kissed him. soon it was the end and he had to go back to his family I said bye and we went back home. I decided that I wouldn't tell laura as it might upset her knowing that her boyfriend won me a teddy especially as she kept on saying that she thinks he fancies me. so I text harry telling him to just keep it between us, he agreed and that was that. I went back to school the next day and harry was with laura with his arms around her he saw me and winked then smiled. this boy was not making it easy to forget him. I walked over to my other friends but slowly one by one they had to go and I was with laura and harry. we all ended up laughing and at times mine and harrys eyes would connect. but I always broke it I couldn't hurt laura she was one of my bestest friends no matter how much I want this I just cant. I then went and so did laura but she went the other way. harry caught up with me and started talking I tried to walk faster but had to reply as I knew I couldn't just be rude. so we talked for a bit till the bell broke us up and we had to both go. I then later on met up with laura and she was telling me that she didn't think her and harry were gonna last long as she found it awkward. I then instantly thought about me and harry and she snapped me out of my thoughts and asked me what I was thinking about I lied and said nothing. I hated lying to her but I couldn't hurt her.


I know this chapter isn't very good but I did say at the start its my first and it is gonna probably be bad anyway at the time of writing this I was listening to tattoo by Jason derulo I love that song ! I would put it at the side but i dont know how to do that so plz someone comment how to thanks xx alistaa x

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