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3 months later
I went on that date with Crawford and it was good but we decided to just be friends and it has worked well as me and him tell each other everything and Chris is like a brother to me too and they are both as protective as Ashton is of me and everyone likes them except for Luke but he has Rachel back now. I was a bit shocked at first but it wasn't like I could say that he had no right we aren't together anymore. It's getting close to the time that Connie's and Calum's kid will be born and I am very excited I mean kids are soo cute. I was day dreaming.
"Babe, I'm gonna go to the shop I will be back soon!"
Calum said to Connie
"Ok see you soon!"
Calum left and I went upstairs for a charger and I closed my room door and went to put my earphones when I heard
"Oh crap! Sophie come here quick!!"
I dropped everything and ran down.
There was a big pool of water on the floor by Connie
"Soph my waters have broke!"
I was gobsmacked.
"What do I do?!?!"
She looked at me and started to have contractions. She went red and started to scream.
I grabbed the phone and dialled 000.(I think and have heard this is the emergency number thing so that's what I put. Soz if it's wrong. )
"Hello what emergency service will you require?!?!"
I was freaking out.
"I don't know but my friend has just gone into labour and only I am here. Just send the ambulance QUICK!"
I shouted down the phone and she told me it would be there shortly and also that I need to relax. I called Calum and he didn't answer so I called Ashton and he never answered and so I called Megan and Michael but neither of them answered and then the ambulance turned up outside and they came rushing in and picked Connie up and then took her to the ambulance and went to the hospital. I went to the shop just as I got there Calum walked out and I stopped him.
"Hey. Where's Connie?!?!"
I looked at him and he looked scared.
"Well I tried to call you ... she is in the hospital and she's having your baby!"
He ran to his car and drove pretty quickly to the hospital. I followed behind and called everyone again and told them. Soon enough we were all waiting in the waiting room. Rachel and Luke turned up and I guess she doesn't really like me. Haha lol. Feelings mutual.

An hour later

We have just been told Connie came out of the labour theatre just and she just needed to calm down then we could go and see her. It had been ten minutes so I ran down to her room and went in. They didn't tell us whether it was a girl or a boy but when I walked in I could tell it was a.....

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-Sophie xxxxxxx

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