You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like one direction.

Stranger: hey

You: hi

Stranger: whats up?

You: nm

You: carrot or nah

Stranger: lol what ?

You: carrot

Stranger: oh yeah

You: you are one then yeah

Stranger: I get it now lol

You: Haha yeah.

Stranger: wait ........ im a carrot. ?

You: i dunno are you

Stranger: yeah

You: oh

You have disconnected.



You know she's a carrot when she doesn't even know what being a carrot means. 

Damn, I should've asked her if she was a Harry girl because that's how everyone starts out.

Oh well, she annoyed me anyways.


I love all of you, my beautiful crazy mofos!

- Tati :) xx

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