Chapter Three: Going to Town

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                Hurray, the day is finally here! We are going to the town again. I’m so excited! Not really, but that’s alright. I like going to the town of Trubef because I’m allowed to do whatever I want there and Father won’t worry about me. You see, Trubef is not that far from our castle, it only takes an hour to get to Trubef if you take a carriage, so I can go home whenever I want if I get bored of that town. But I don’t think I’ll be bored of going to town, there’s always a lot to do.

                “Come on, or else we won’t be able to get to Trubef. If you don’t hurry up and get your horse ready, we’ll just leave you in the castle and make sure that you can’t leave. You don’t want that now, do you?” My father shouted from somewhere outside the horse stable.

                I smiled and finished tacking Uakea. I know that Father wouldn’t actually leave me behind and it’s funny when he says stuff like that because he tries to be threatening, but he’s not really. I traced the “eyebrows” that Uakea has. Uakea has a grey spot just above her eyes that looks like a cloud of mist or eyebrows, and she doesn’t have real eyebrows. I’ve done that since the day my father bought her from a stable manager when I could barely ride. It was a special gift because she was given to me to help me learn to ride better. When I first saw her, I traced the grey markings above her eyes and smiled. There are no other horses like Uakea in the world, and whenever I trace her forehead marks, we always have an enjoyable ride.

                I saddled her up fairly loosely, she hates having the saddle on. I don’t blame her, I would hate having to carry a weird thing wrapped around my back all day. And it’s not exactly fun riding on a saddle, but my father wouldn’t hear of me riding to town bareback. He barely lets be go bareback anywhere, but he doesn’t know much about riding horses, he’s always in the carriage or walking anywhere he goes. Father isn’t much of a horse fan, it’s funny what can happen between father and daughter, how I can like things that my parents hate and vice versa.

                I hopped on to my saddle and trotted her out of the stable, meeting my father on the road.

                “I’m glad you’ve finally arrived Briza, we were starting to think that you wouldn’t come to town with us.” My father said, sitting in the middle of Cline and Wardun, who never said anything as I came up.

                “Don’t worry about me, I’d never miss a chance to go to town. You better go in front of me, though, because I don’t want to have to pass you.” I laughed a little and rode in front to where the carriage horses were. Uakea gave each of the three horses a kiss as I patted their heads. “Okay, Father, you can start now, all your horses are ready.”

                Wardun made a face at me as they passed by, and judging by the look of his face, he was really annoyed that I had to pat each horse on the head before we left. It’s not something that I choose to do, but it’s only common horse luck. Everybody who rides horses knows that if you don’t have something special with your horse, you will be stricken with bad rides for forever. I waited until the carriage was out of view before I set Uakea to a quick trot. She loves trot-galloping because it gives her her exercise without having her get hurt.

                As I rode her, something started coming up in the back of my mind. I don’t know exactly what’s trying to get through, but it seems to want to be remembered pretty badly. Too bad I just can’t remember what I need to remember.

                After a few meters, I caught up to the carriage with wind blowing my hair all over the place. Stupid wind doesn’t like my hair. Another thing that doesn’t happen in real life but it happens in stories, hair doesn’t flow perfectly in real life. Besides my hair being all floppy in the wind, I really enjoy horseback riding. I passed the carriage and gave my brothers a fake smile as I turned Uakea around and trotted her backwards to keep the same pace. Cline gave me a disappointing stare, but I didn’t care because it was fun.

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