Chapter 11

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Kate POV

It was a week since I had been with Luke and Jackson. It wasn’t like being with Zayn and the guys. Luke was sweet just like Niall and Liam mixed together. Jackson was just like his father. “Now Kate I know I promised you I would get you out of here but that means you have to listen to me from now on got it”? He asked. I nodded as I put my hair up in a messy bun. “Ok my first order is that I need to take you to the store to get some things”. He said. I nodded and grabbed a piece of paper. “I will take you but you must not leave my side at all. If you have to go and do something I will take you”. He said.

I nodded and stood up. “Don’t worry im used to this I was in this type of things before trust me”. I said as I took out my wallet and gave it to him. He stood up and walked over to me. “Tell me about your last relationship babe”? He asked as he gave me a hug. Hugging him wasn’t like hugging Zayn. Zayn was softer and warm. Luke was tense. “I was put into a gang from him. I was told what to do and treated like a child. But I still miss him”. I told him. He rubbed my back to sooth me and I held onto him tighter. “I know it was a hard past and that’s why you left but you need to forget about him. He hurt you many ways but you can’t go back to that”. He said. I didn’t want to say anything so I stayed quiet.

I didn’t want him to get in my past. I didn’t want to talk about it. I let go of him and he looked at me. “Why don’t we leave to the store now and then come back and watch a movie or something Jacks wont be back tonight”. He said. I nodded and grabbed my coat that was sitting on the table. He grabbed his keys and we headed out. I wanted to ask for my phone so bad but I didn’t know who had it. If Jackson had it I wouldn’t get it back. If Luke had it maybe. “So tell me about you”? Luke asked as we got in the car and drove off. “Well you know my name and where I grew up what else do you want to know”? I asked as I kept my stare on the road.

“Tell me about your personal life, tell me about your friends”? He asked. I took a deep breath and started. “Well my personal life was only me and my mother. My dad died from being too sick. Once he passed I met my friend Jenna and her sister Emily and Catie then I met my friend Eleanor”. I said. He smiled and we stopped at a red light. “What were their personalities”? He asked. “Well Eleanor is the type of girl that is sweet but can also have a mouth on her. Catie is the same way. Emily is the shy one but she loves to party. As for Jenna you never want to mess with her”. I laughed. The car started again as Luke chuckled. “And why is that”? He asked.

 I shook my head as the memories of all of my friends came back to me. “Jenna is the one I went to with everything, She was the one who would literally beat the shit out my boyfriend when he would upset me”. I said. He chuckled and turned to glance at me. “Your boyfriend seems like he was dick half the time”. He said. I shook my head and turned to look at him. “He was only like that at times when he needed to be, But at the end of the day he loved me and he would make sure to either show it or tell me when he got the chance”. I said.

He didn’t say anything as images in my head of Zayn appeared. His beautiful soft brown eyes, that would change to dark when he was upset or change to a light hazel when he was in a loveable mood. Or the fact that his scuffle would tickle my face when he kissed me. His hands would roam my body and I would get butterflies. I really did miss this kid. Why did I let him go? “Earth to Kate”? Luke asked as he waved a hand in my face.

I shook all the memories out of my head and looked at the shopping center in front of me. “Sorry some memories came back to me”. I said. His face showed sadness and sorrow. I knew he hated keeping me as much as I did but he couldn’t do anything about it. “Sorry to make you bring it up”. He said. “Its not your fault I was the stupid one who let all of that go”. I whispered.

Zayn POV

“Ok we searched her old house, any motel around the area and nothing”. Niall said as he handed me a little map of the town. I crumpled it up and sat back in my bed. “I can’t believe she would leave when things were going on, sometimes I just hate her”. I said through my teeth. “Zayn don’t worry about it please, Kate’s a strong girl she knows when and when not to do something”. Jenna said as she got up from Harry’s lap.

 “You say that but Kate also has her moments where she could be really stupid at times”. I said as I tapped my pen on my lower lip. I just hope she wasn’t that stupid. “Well its not like she will be tricked to getting in a car that clams they have candy”. Louis said. Everybody stopped what they were doing as she looked confused. “What”? He asked. “If they had lollipops we lost her”. I said. Emily laughed but became silent.

 “This isn’t a joking matter guys Kate could be hurt by now and it’s all my fault”. I whispered as I ran my fingers through my hair. “Well it kind of is, If you didn’t do shit with Perrie then we would have our normal Kate and not a run a way”. Liam said. He was right. If I just stayed home that night instead of going to the bar Kate and I would be watching movies and making out.


Night at the bar

“Kate im going out for a bit”. I said as I slipped on my jeans. She was in the shower since we came back from dinner with our mothers. “Wait”. She said as the water turned off. “Where are you going it’s almost eleven”? She asked as she was wrapped in a towel. As the water glistened off her body it made me bite my lip. “I need a drink, with my mother and your mother talking about shit tonight it was hell”. I told her. She rolled her eyes and walked over to me. Her body wash made her smell like strawberries. I like strawberries. “Don’t drink to much please”. She pouted. I took her bottom lip in-between my fingers and bent down to her level. “I wont I promise but if you make that face while being in that towel I don’t think I can control myself”. I said seductively in her ear.

 She giggled and stepped back. “Go have fun but not to much fun”. She said as she pecked my cheek. I sighed and grabbed my keys and headed out. The drive to the bar wasn’t long but man was it packed. I seen a group of my buddies and decided to have a few drinks with them. I didn’t know at this point how much I drank but I knew I wasn’t driving home. I felt something slid across my ass and turned around to see Perrie. She was wearing a skimpy red dress and her heels her in her hand while a pink drink was in the other. “Zaynie baby”. She moaned as she practically fell on me.

 I tried to push her off but nothing worked. “Am I glad y-you’re here”. She slurred. “What do you want”? I asked getting annoyed. She didn’t say anything as she smashed her lips to mine. I pulled back but she came back for more. At this point I just gave up but then realizing I had the perfect girl at home I pulled her back. “Get off of me”. I said as I grabbed my phone off the counter and headed out. I didn’t want to drink and drive so I locked up my car and took a cab home. It was already two in the morning and I knew Kate would be asleep. I just home she doesn’t find out because this would kill her inside.

End of flashback

I was broken out of my thoughts when Liam decided to speak up. “Well I kind of have a feeling who she might be with”. Liam said as he gave me Kate’s laptop. I searched through the page he was on and seen a facetime call with Carolyn. “Call her now, get any information she would have and get back to me”. I said as I got up and stormed out of my house.

 I got into my car and started it before I got my GPS and put in the address of Greg’s house. I will find her. “ZAYN WAIT”! I heard Louis say. I rolled down my window and he took a breath. “I will go with you, you can’t go alone”. He said. I nodded and unlocked the car as he jumped in. “Where are you planning on going”? He asked. “Carolyn’s house, she might know where Kate went”. I said as I sped out of my driveway.

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