The Return Of The Forgotten Grade Five

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"Got everything guys?" Asked Jamie. "Yup." They replied . "Well we better get to the airport." Snapped Will. "Ok." James grunted.

"Ok after this walk through the meddle detecter is the airplane then to the U.S.A!" Reese exclaimed

BEEP!!! went the meddle detecter

"Will I can't believe that you smuggled silly string!!!" Snapped James 1 Minuit tell West Jet leaves the port "go! go! we, have to go we all yelled"!!

"O my god I can't believe we just made it." We all said relieved. All seemed quite and POP! went the silly string and it landed on the people who you would least except it to land on Ross the murder and Trish the the terrorist "I did not think people would have to die so soon" Ross and Trish said under a evil smile. "Ross you take the front end and I'll take the back end." said Trish

After about an hour of Reese, Will, Jamie and James praying not to be killed. Ross appeared with a gun. "Ross is that you?" "Jamie, James, Reese, Will is that you guys?" "Ya" we said "Good Ross yelled, that makes me wanna blow up the plane even more!!!" Ross yelled

The odd look on James's face told Ross he had no idea why Ross did not like them at all. About 10 seconds later because the pilot was dead the plane crashed on to some island in Tropica.

It was getting that time when the moon came out, and the stars were dancing in the sky.Jamie and Reese were looking for food.Well the boys were making shelter. "I wonder why Ross and his girlfriend Trish don't like us?" Reese asked Jamie said "I don't know."

When the girls got back the boys had built a cabin and made a fire. And you could hear the sound of the cracking of the fire, and the sparks were filling the black sky with red flames. As they roasted their Samoan. A black figure appearing in the mist. As it came closer, our jaws dropped, our hearts started raceing, our hands started sweating, we felt like running but we felt glued to the logs.

When the figure finely appeared we all ran for our life's. When Ross and Trish finely got us, "any last words?" asked Trish "Ya!" Reese yelled "Why don't you like us?" "It all started in grade five. All of you guys were more popular then me. And we stopped playing tougher, and you guys made new friends, and so that's when I decided to kill all popular people." Well if you promise not to kill any more people we will let you live with us." but Jamie just shook her head no. "What do you mean no?" It became an awkward silence well Jamie was thinking, and the group was making puppy dog faces. "Well ok I aways wanted to live with all of the grade fives." "Like how I wanted to be an actress". replied Jamie "And how I wanted to be a lawyer." jumped Will with a lost look in his eye And how I wanted to be a truck driver" as he skidded across the sand "Any way lets get off this island." As they were cheering the ground started shaking, earth quake!!! "Go! Go! but how?" "The boat that's how." "But what about Trish?" asked Ross "Forget about her!" Reese yelled

"Look at all of the little houses."said James "I think we should be at the U.S.A by now." Said Will Then the intercom came on and the pilot said, we are now passing the U.S.A, what that us not the pilot ." said Jamie "Is it?" It was an awkward silence well Ross was thinking where did I hear that voice before? "I got it Trish. We all sat in shock in tell Jamie yelled "we have to jump out of the plane!"

"On three ready?" asked Reese "1,2,3 jump!" yelled Jamie "Ok let's go home." jumped James "But were in the middle if no were." he said to him self. They walked for 1hour. Then a light shone in the distance. When we reached the house a woman came out and said "you forgot me on the island." "Ya and you tried to kill us!" yelled Will Right after Will said that, Trish was turing a dark red. Well Trish was loading her gun, Jamie was climbing up to the roof. At that very moment, Trish looked up and before she knew it, Jamie was on top if her saying "die, die." And she grabbed her gun and shot Trish in the head, and blood went every ware splat.

Before we knew it the cops had pulled in. "Freeze". Your under arrest "anything you say or do can and it will held against you in the Cory of law." said officer Greg. As we were walking to the cop car their was a boy in their he said his name is Carter. As Carter's and Reese's eyes met they fell in love. When we got into the car Reese and Carter said at the same time "I love you." And with that they kissed

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