Just as I was about to open the car door Cameron dashed round the car and opened it for me. He had a small smile on his face and I could see his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. I giggled as I hopped out. We slowly started to walk into the restaurant.

Cameron gently held onto my hand and smiled down at me. My chest tightened from this simple gesture. I forced a small smile back as I tried not to stare down at our linked hands. It wasn’t the first time we hand hands- Heck we’ve even kissed! But something just sends an electric spark through my entire body every time we come in contact.

As we stepped inside the warm air welcomed us. I scanned the room; neat tables spaced out, decorations hanging from the walls- It wasn’t too over the top, Just a cosy, warm, welcoming surrounding.

“Good day! May I show you to your seats?” Chirped a tall brunette, She had a clean white apron on and a wide smile on her face. She looked quite pretty, with her long wavey hair and tall, slim figure.

“Table for 2 please” Cameron said with a polite nod. He squeezed my hand as the brunette lead us to a table at the far end. It was in the corner of a room with a window beside it. Cameron and I both took our seats. There was an awkward silence and I just sat scanning the restaurant.

It wasn’t too crowded, but there was a fair share of people; Young and old. There was peaceful music quietly playing. A quiet, gentle song to suit the romantic atmosphere even though I was not here for romance. Me and Cameron-Romance? Pshh never!

A man was walking towards our table; Just like the girl he was wearing a white apron and was holding a black clipboard, “Hello! Could I take your order?” He gave us both a charming smile; his pearly teeth on display.

I looked at the menu and frowned. I didn’t know what to get! “Could you give us more time, please?” Cameron asked politely, I nodded and returned a small smile. “Very well” The waitor said. He winked at me and walked off towards another table.

“What are you gonna get?” I asked Cameron. He stared at the menu for a moment before replying, “I think im gonna go with the seasoned smoked salmon… Mmm” he wriggled his eyebrows.

Shortly after the waiter returned, flashing his teeth again, “Hello again. Could I take your order now?” he asked us with his pen ready.

“I’ll have the seasoned smoked salmon along with coke” Cameron said. The waiter wrote it down and turned to me, “And you, beautiful?” Camerons hands curled into fists. I shifted in my seat, “Um… Grilled fillet steak please… And sprite” The waitor nodded and walked away.


“Im stuffed” I rubbed my belly as we left the restaurant. Cameron laughed, “I wont need food for another 2 days” he smirked. I scoffed, “Pshh sure… Just wait till we get back home” I smacked my hand over my mouth just as those words left my mouth. Home. “Um… I mean back to your apartment” I corrected myself quietly. Cameron tensed abit, “No. You can call it your home” he relaxed abit after saying that. I shook my head, “Its not my home…” I whispered. This is meant to be a good evening, positive. No need to get the kidnapping involved. I pushed those thoughs aside and let a smile grow on my face.


The car stopped and I raised my eyebrow, “Huh? Where are we?” I looked around the half-empty car park. “You like bowling, right?” He smirked. I fist pumped the air, “Yes! Im a pro!” I grinned and jumped out the car, ready to run into the building.

“Whoaa steady there” Cameron said with a laugh. He held onto my hand. “Bowling in a dress, sassy” I winked at him and did a booty shake” he laughed and pushed me indoors.

“Size 8 and size…” He turned to me. “3. Im size 3” I answered with a smile. The guy nodded and took 2 pairs off the shelf. He handed them to us as Cameron paid for us to go in.

“You have small feet” Cameron commented as I put on the ugly blue bowling shoes. I raised an amused eyebrow and said, “Nah you just have clown feet mate” he laughed and pointed at me. “Oh god! Those shoes and that dress go so well together” He laughed harder, clutching his stomach. I frowned and looked down at myself. I heard a camera click and looked up with a shocked expression, “Cameron delete that now!” I yelled as I shoved him. He continued to take awful pictures of me until I started bouncing up like an orang-utan to reach for his phone. He slipped it in his back pocket and grabbed my wrists as we both started laughing.

I punched him lightly in the stomach, “I’ll get you back, you know” I smirked. He patted his belly, “Oi. Don’t do that when I have a stomach filled with food” he winked as we walked towards the bowling isles- Hand in hand.

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