The party

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When Marc gets to Thalia's house he's greeted by mama cece

Mama: so Marc where are you taking my girls tonight and when will they be back or are they staying at your house?

Marc: well tonight mama I'm taking the girls to.............

Thalia and Julisa in unison: to Tyler's party bye mama love you

Mama cece: bye guys and Marc watch them for me please son

Marc: I will mama love you ( gets dragged out by the girls)

Thalia: why are we staying with you again?

Marc: cause the party doesn't end until 3 and y'all probly won't wanna leave until then, and you know your moms rule about curfew.

Thalia: sometimes I hate your logic loser

Marc: whatever

Julisa: will y'all too just get together already ? Marc you know you want her

Marc: because

Thalia: okay can we please not talk about this it's kinda awkward

Julisa: (whispers to Thalia) whatever cause if he hit it tonight you know he gone wife it


* they get to the party and it already turnt up*

Julisa: okay I'll see y'all later and call me before y'all leave

Thalia: whatever twin just don't get to drunk and call me if you do

Julisa: muah

Thalia: sometimes I worry about that girl

Marc: she can be right though

Thalia: about what?

Marc: about us. I do like you and you know I do but you still haven't told me how you felt.

Thalia: and you know why. You know how I get with relationships. I don't wanna go too fast and then get hurt again

Marc: Thalia we've known each other all our lives. I may be older but I'm also wiser and I know that I'm not giving up trying?

Thalia: well see where this goes but for now can we please drink and have fun?

Marc: whatever you want

They finally get into the party and they see Tyler and Julisa and Loyal by Chris brown and kiid ink is playing in the background

Tyler: yo bruh you never told me about the other twin!

Marc: cause you never asked but hey wassup wit y'all two

Tyler: I might wife her or whateva

Julisa: you know you love me

Marc: well y'all two have fun and keep tabs on her please bruh

Tyler: I got you bruh

Tyler and Julisa leave hand and hand and Thalia and Marc find the drinks and decide to play a drinking game if their own

Marc: who goes first

Thalia: me and don't cheat this time

Marc: alright whatever you say ugly

Thalia: okay so all you have to do is tell two truths and a lie and if you get the lie right I drink if you get it wrong you drink. Simple

Marc: yeah yeah yeah I know the rules lets get started

Twenty minutes in the game and Thalia's losing by 6

Marc: okay were done playing this game cause obviously de know who won

Thalia: no can we do one more

Marc: that's it.

Thalia: okay. 1) I'm a virgin. 2) I love you. And 3) I just wanna be friends.

Marc: the lie is that you just wanna be friends

Thalia: I love you

Marc: I love you too but your drunk

Thalia: I'm not I know how to hold my liquor and I really do love you and I have for a while

Marc: * kisses Thalia *

Thalia calls Julisa to tell her that they are leaving and Julisa stays with Tyler and Marc takes Thalia back to his house

** sorry for he wait I have finals coming up so I probly won't update for a while but I'll do mini chapters**

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