Chapter 12(The wedding)

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*soft music is playing in a New Orleans garden* As you walk through you smell the sweet smell of flowers,hear the soft pitter patter of water splashing into a fountain. You reach a small space in the garden and walk through a giant green and blue flowered arch. A servant stands and offers you a handkerchief with the initials T and J on it and a glass of champagne. You take your seat among others as the ceremony begins.

Jamar's POV:

*walks down isle in a blue tuxedo looking slightly nervous as all eyes are on him. He takes his position and next comes the groomsmen and bridesmaids who are wearing blue and green chiffon dresses with a miniature silver bouquet.*

Tre's POV:

*waits in a pop up waiting room for his entrance to be called for,he is visibly nervous and shaking. Then they call for him. He walks slowly down the isle wearing a green tux and holding a larger version of the bridesmaids silver bouquet.*

Good morning friends,family,and associates.

We are gathered here today to unite these too young,beautiful,lovers in holy matrimony.

If anyone objects to this union please speak now or forever hold your peace.

*music abruptly stops*

A voice from the background says:
I object!

Jay's POV:
*storms up the isle and snatches the mike from the minister*

I object!!!! On what grounds you ask? The ground that this man*points at Tre* has been cheating on watever his name is.

Jamar* says the preacher.

You hear gasps and then Jay continues.

Jay- I have been hooking up with Tre every other weekend.

Jamar-shocked by what he's hearing

Jay-He told me that he loves me!!!


Jamar- *looking at Tre* what do you have to say for yourself?

Jay-standing there looking furious*

Tre-All eyes on him* Baby I..I..I

Jamar- You what???!!!!!! Speak up?!!!!!

Tre- Im sorry!!! I never meant to cheat,it jus happened.

Jamar-Speaking to jay* how did you too meet?

Jay-pops gum* we met online

Jamar- So thats what you been up to on your laptop all those times?!


Jamar-Slightly more calm* you got a decision to make.


Jamar- Do you really love this *gesturing to Jay* or me?

Tre- I love you!!!!!

Jay- oh h*** no you not finna leave me out to dry*jumps at Tre but jamar gets in the way*

Jamar- *Sucker punches Jay dead in the mouth*

Jay*falls to the ground and moans in pain*

Jamar- Security get him outta here we gotta weeding to finish.

Security- sure thing boss*drags jay out of weeding*

Minister- now shall i continue?

Tre & Jamar both-Yes

Minister- may i have the rings?

Best man-*hands rings*

Minister- These rings symbolize Tre and Jamar's commitment to each other. *hands a ring to jamar and the other to Tre* Jamar repeat after me " I Jamar Jackson take you Tre smith to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health to death do us part"

Jamar-Repeats and places ring on Tre's finger.


Minister- Tre repeat after me*I Tre Smith take you Jamar Jackson to be my Lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health till death do us part*

Tre-Repeats and places ring on Jamars's finger

Minister-by the power vested in me i now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Jamar- kisses Tre passionately*

Tre-whispers to jamar while they kiss*i love you and im sorry*

Jamar-its ok and i love you more.

Crowd-claps and whistles!

And they lived GAYLY-EVER AFTER :)



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