Desiree pov

when Princeton said he loved me I was so shocked. I think I love him too but I don't want to take any chances I might just get hurt.when roc royal whispred into princes ear I heard "but she is still ours"  I didn't k wat to do I was so scared...

  end of pov

Roc royal- we thought about your punishment, you will still have to sleep with us...

Princeton- bullshit

Roc royal- did u say something I didn't think so. as I was saying tonight your going to have ray just keep in mind he doesn't really care if it hurts u he does it hard core

Ray ray pov

when I heard Princeton say he loved Desiree it mad me mad .I think I kinda like her too. but we all know she doesn't want us she wants prince.tonight I'm not gonna sleep with her I want to get to know her and her to know me.

   end of pov

later that night ( rays room)

I walked into rays room I was so scared I used to always hear that Ray has a ten inch and I'm so scared wat if it hurts me I start to cry and I see a hand on my shoulder I didn't know who it was but I didn't care I continued to cry.

  I heard crying in my room and I see its Desiree she is so frightened. and I couldn't do anything but put my hand on her shoulder. I started to lift her face and I see some beautiful pair of hazel eyes lighting up. I couldn't help myself so I gave her a lil smirk than I kissed her.

  Desiree pov

I see ray give me a smirk it was quite sexy .. no wat am I saying I dont like him , do i.the next thing I know he kisses me his soft lips touched mine and I felt something that I haven't felt with anybody before. I tried to pull away but instead I kissed him back we faught for dominance of course he won. we finally pull away to breathe and I see his big beautiful brown eyes and I feel my cheeks start to get hot.

  end of pov

  Ray ray- wow, u are amazing

   Desiree- umm, why did u do that

  Ray ray- I...

    Desiree-it doesn't matter don't u have something to do

   Ray ray- but I had decided u just wanted to get to know u and for u to know me

   Desiree- okay what do u want to know.....


hey everyone I wanted to write this chapter as a twist because every story I read Princeton gets the girl but know its between them too.I need some help with the story do if u have any ideas please comment and I will try to use it. also I'm going to be doing a contest if anybody wants to be in the story.and feel free to ask me any questions I will be happy to answer them. bye ♥♥ - msdarcystyles

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