Part 8

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He ran up to me and he seemed very confident in himself. I must admit he is a little dot even when he is awake. We went on till we met Lothrien who would talk to me. He asked me nicely and join me. I looked up at alvegutten and he nodded as a sign that I should follow. I joined Lothrien out and we went into the woods. It was delicious and go this way, I was so free.

- Lucy, it's something you should know, said Lothrien responsibly.

- Yes, what is it? I said to him.

- I know your mother and father befor they died, he said unexpectedly.

- What? How? Why have not you told it before? Did I say. He did not look down at the ground; he did not even look at me.

- I did not get permission of your parents, he said with sadness in his voice as he hastily tried to hide himself.

We went there a long time and talked, he was hert annderledes than I had expected. I told him about all the trips I was looking at to been looking for elves and all the creatures I believed. He smiled for the first time.

- Lothrien? I said.

- Yes Lucy, what is it he smiled at me.

- Do you have any children? I asked unexpectedly.

- Yes, I have a daughter, but I have not seen her since she was born 150 years ago, he said in a gloomy voice.

- What happened to her? Spyrte I said. I was so nosy.

- She was taken from me by the people, he said sad.

- I did not mean to make you sad, I said, and took him on the shoulder. He smiled at me.

- You have your mother's eyes; he smiled and walked towards the castle.

We came back to the castle and nothing had changed. I went down to Christine when I noticed that she slept sweetly and was in dreamland. She was so beautiful when she slept there all alone. I smiled to myself and walked over to her. I sat on the bed and stroke her hair, I have often wondered why we looked at each other. We have always been so different and no one will say why.

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