Final Chapter Leaving Part 1

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Ok your guys its the last one read it and if anything I might continue but other wise nope.

                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Chapter 12~


Bella Povothe 

Me and Kaitlyn went hunting and got a couple of deer and one cougar and some wolves even though I don't like killing them they filled us up. "You ready to go Kate?" I asked her."Yeah I am mom I'm ready." Then I thought about it I was going to leave but what about Kaiitlyn were would she go? When we got back I called everyone downstairs I didn't need to call for Kaitlyn. She was already here luckly. "Mom whats going on?" Zach asked me."Yeah Mom what is it?" Reneesme Anthony and Masen asked me. I looked over at Kaitlyn that it was good. Dereke came in and asked me."Bells honey what is it?" I looked back at her. She put her thumbs up gienng it a good go sing. "How would you guys like another Brother or sister?" I asked them.

"We would love a new sibiling preferring a boy mom." Zach and Anthony and Jasen said. "No another girl mom." Masen and Renesmee and Kaitlyn said. "Well Dereke how would you like another son or daughter?" I asked him. "I would love a new son or daughter."I looked up at my family."Well good news I am pregnant again." I say to them They all smiled at me. At  8 pm we went to bed even though it was only Friday March 7th 2014.

The Next day

Kaitlyn's Pov

The next morning I woke up at 5:30 am I needed to run let my wolf stertch. I got up and dressed in shorts and a short sleeved shrit and got out side. I ran to a huge tree and undressed I ran and jumped in the air heat flooded in side of me I landed on the ground Everything was so much sharper in this vision and I could hear farther out I heard out to Cornell and to Tony Ingram and Gleen Flora and to Sheldon to Holcomb  I heard ten times better than male wolves I ran to were I was going to start. I was part way through when I heard my family scream I raced off Dammit I thought I forgot they were going to be looking out in the woods they all sat in one tree in different. The thing that was attacking them was a young male. Lion whos mane was fully in I growled. It looked at me I attack it (If   you ever have watched Lion King yopu would see Nala and Simba fighting but instead a wolf that is horse size like you see in new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn part 1 and 2 and the lion is taller than a wolf.) 

"Aim for the jugular the jugular Kaitlyn." Zach said I swiped at the males mane and missed it ended with me shoving him to the ground and me growling at him. Anger burned through me. That was when the male looked suprised me. (through their minds.) Kaitlyn? I moved off of him I was surprised he knew my name. Who are you?  I asked him. It's me Bobbie your brother. Bobbie? He shook his head yes and smiled. Whoa! we both yelled I jumped up and down saying and he did to saying You. You. I can't believe it your really alive. He said to me.Me either I thought you died.I said to him I nuzzled under his mane "Whats going on here?!" Zach yelled " Zach this is my big brother!" I said " Nice to me you but whoa whoa time out for a minute. You know him he knows you and he wants to eat us. IS THERE SOMETHING i'M MISSING HERE!" he said while jumping at the end. " Zach relax." I say to him. "Just wait till everyone hears about this the long lost princess now found and alive." Bobbie said. "Dude have you got your wolves crossed there's now way she's a princess." Anthony came in and looked at the ground with his green eyes similing."No I have the right sister from my family or known as Princess Kaitlyn Judylynn Tester." He said and looked up at me.

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