Chapter 5: igniting old flames

Pipers pov

When that tiny flame lit up around my peripheral vision my whole life flashed before my eyes as my heart sunk. I could clearly make out the scarred bite mark around my pursuers wrist as the faint lighter illuminated around it and his face. I cringed at my thoughts. ‘no, that could be any bite mark. Maybe this lunatic has a dog.’ I tried assuring myself, but lets face it that was from a human and no dog. ‘maybe this freak has a stupid child that is teething a lot, or likes to bite things’ I made another assumption and hopelessly let myself down.

“ahhh, so you remember this little twat!” the disfigured freak ended his sentence as if he wanted that description to kill me. “and no its not from an animal, well no animal other than you.” He insulted my intelligence and flicked back the lighter as the darkness surrounded the area once again. The sun was finally gone. I sat still not wanting to anger these freaks as Mr.Illtacklethegirltotheground finally reconnected with fire guy here. Instead I scavenged through the back of my head finding all the files I’ve locked away from those old years. It was only just before dusk would set that day while I was outside on the rope swing in the flower beds my mother used to care so much for. I was a happy carefree girl until a mere five minutes later ruined me. As I sat on that old swing two arms wrapped around me out of my sight and held me up dragging my frail body from the side. My muffled screams meant nothing. Then I did what any 8 year old would do in a crisis as that….I bit the ass. I now began mumbling through my gag that was secured around my mouth seconds before I racked my brain.

“Jackson! Untie the fucking gag, I could use some entertainment!” the freak I bit demanded as cold as his heart probably was to the idiot who tackled me earlier. I flipped my head to the side as Jackson, it apparently was ripped the piece of fabric from my face as brutally as he wanted. “so Jackson is it” I said choked up as quick as possible with a slight hysterical laugh as I spat in his face. My head was backhanded as the force had my eyes spinning. “I didn’t want to do that” Jackson replied rather rash as if he feared his colleague might hear. “I beg to differ” my bitter words fell smoothly. That’s when his next choice of words left me confused as hell. “surprising comeback, you usually hide when it comes to needing help. Your so thick you only want yourself in the battle, you never think that you could use a hand…because your scared to ask for it. Like if you do you’d be betrayed like your family had been.” He said with pity. I wasn’t going to reply to only argue about a family I never had, they were never mine to begin with. As that came across I felt the single tear drop. I grimaced as I scolded myself. “nice work, I get a reaction to satisfy myself with” ugly bastard said referring to my slight retreat of tears. How the hell did he manage to see my reactions like that in this darkness. “yeah, ok.” Jackson started with a tone that reeked nervousness and uneasiness. “don’t you think we should just let her go? Its obvious you had no real valid intentions of anything to do with her just yet…your always too busy ranting about the past.” He actually was almost defending me, but seriously after what he just inflicted upon me, I was not accepting that as an apology. “you dimwitted teenager! Do you know nothing?! Why must I get stuck with an imbocile like you, you see a girl and you want to point your godamn fingers at me when it was them who brought this upon themselves!” fuck face slowly boiled as he cussed out at Jackson. I felt the immediate tension. “Keith?” Jackson made him reply to this. “what!?” wow he was pissed. “you’re an ass!” Jackson held his ground with force in his tone. From there I began zoning out as I analyzed their pathetic conversation in my head trying to make some sense of it. The way my brain was working this late as it was malfunctioning was that I could only figure that Jackson was a teen, just as Keith had ranted on about. ‘wow piper, your smart. Must you think of only that, didn’t you listen to everything else?’ I beat myself up. Stupidly I guess Keith was too obsessed with wanting to see me cry that he forgot to order his little servant Jackson here to bound my arms and legs together. I slowly inched my back up against the outer brick wall. I didn’t waste time as I slipped out of the alley past the corner, but I wasn’t quick enough not to be noticed. “you bitch ass fool!” I made out as fugly Keith’s tone. I heard the faint groans of a body getting slammed a million times against a wall and the cruel popping of a face. The footsteps were closing in as I sprinted down the familiar path I followed stupidly before. I turned only to be met with arms wrapping around me from behind. Out of instincts I bit the idiots hand before I heard cussing. I whipped around to see Rory flailing his poor hand around at the pain I inflicted upon it.

“Rory! Holy shit!” I kept my voice low for precautions as I disregarded his hand and tackled him in a relieving hug.  He returned the favor holding me up slightly. “dear lord you’re a biter” he mocked my defense choice. “shut up” I demanded as he let my feet fall back and I was now staring at him the side of my face bruised and my eyes stained red from loss of tears. “I called the cops and they turned me down pipes…I’ve been looking for you all over” he said with relief in his tone. “what happen-“ I cut him off. “please don’t start, ill tell you in the morning” I compromised as Rory this time grabbed my hand and pulled me off. I began to hear light footsteps and cussing of profanities through choked breathing. “c’mon I’m starving!” I ushered an excuse to get out of there faster as we made way back to where his car was left hours before. The next thing I remembered was slamming the door shut to the bathroom.

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