Smile Dog

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Jeff POV

What the fucking hell. I cant belive Alice is dead. I just can't believe that I couldnt kill the bitch that killed Alice. But then again she does seem beautifully mad. What the fuck brain. I am not your brain stupid I am your killer instincts and what I say goes.

How about fuck no that bitch killed Alice. Well she had it coming, you were going to kill her one way or another, just say it you like her. I don't stupid brain now I am going to kill this girl. I stab the girl who was walking by ten times geting more excited when I saw the red liquid coming out. Right before she dies I say ,"Go to sleep." and slice her throught and cut a smile into her cheeks. I start to lick her blood off my knife and doodle on her body. I start to hear some rustling behind me. "What do you want Ben." I sigh and turn around. I see Ben with 2 vodka bottles in hand.

"Jeff let us drink our problems away." he says and hands me a bottle. Fuck it. I chug it down and feel the burning sensation it leaves on my throught. I see Ben do the same. I see him do the same. I suddenly feel oddly attracted to the bitch who killed Alice. Now the more I think about it the more I want her. Oh well Ben will do. (Ben x Jeff turn around or skip to the part it is not written in bold print) "Jeff come over here." I obay walk towards Ben. "This means nothing okay." he whispered seductively in my ear. I feel him lick my neck and sucking on my sweet spot making me moan. (oh god why am I doing this O///O) I grab Ben's face and start to make out with him. Our tongues fought for dominance. Me winning. We teleported to my room in the creepy pasta house. I feel his crotch harden. (Oh god) Then I rub my hand against it to tease him and pull away from the kiss.

"okay thats enough cause I am seriously not gay." and with that I kick him out of my room and pass out.

(I feel dirty) Alice POV

That was a great show. I cant wait til Jeff does that to me. Ans he would whisper in my ear seductive things. Oh just the thought makes me excited. I teleport back home into my brother's room on top of his bed. "Brother I want to date Jeff just for a day and you are going to make sure that it happens. " I say to him after he turns to face me. I lay down and stroke the soft blood covered blankets.

"What are you planning Alice?!" he questions me with a wary expression. I smile and whisper to him " I am in love." he gasps at my answer making me grin even wider. "If that is what you wish my dearest sister then it will be." he says his voice shaking as he said it. I look up at the ceiling and saying to my brother," I will be going tomorrow make sure he says yes.........or else. " I say while getting up off his bed."Have a nice sleep brother." I say before I walk out his room. I start heading towards the kitchen for some food. Where is it, where is it.... Ahh there you are. I grab it and take it out. "Jeff dont worry we will be together. This time you will love me...." I smile and cut a slice of cheesecake made by Masky. I grab a spoon out the drawer and start to savor the delicious cheesecake. I bring it up to my room. uhh I dont wana move. I teleport to my room and stare at my Jeff monitor. Awwa he is so cute when he is sleeping. I finish the cheesecake and put it on top of my table. I keep watching but notice something strange. He looks lonely...... Oh I know I will get him a dog. I teleport to the creepy pasta dog center. Awwww this one it looks like Jeff and it has orange fur. It is so cute and fluffy. I pick him up and teleport back to my room. I pet him give him a human bone. I take a picture of him and send it to a random human and put pass it on underneath it. Smile came over to me and jumps on my lap. I start to play with him. After a couple hours I teleport to the creepy pasta mansion and leave smile here. "You are mine and Jeff's dog so teleport to me when ever okay." I say while giving him a big hug and leaving. I then teleport back into my room. I walk back to my Jeff's monitor and watch him sleep.

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