Before the 2nd Kiss - Part 5

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Okay, I'll be honest, I wasn't as surprised about the bi thing as I was by how nonchalant he was when telling me. Because, yes, it was clear he liked girls and Lexi had already told me all about what a promiscuous playboy he was. But, like I said, he flirted with everyone and he was way too okay with asking me questions about gay sex.

I escorted him to different gay clubs before he had his first hookup. Jay told me he and his the guy hadn't gone all the way. After that, he didn't mention going to any gay clubs again, so I assumed the experience had made him reluctant to continue his exploration.

As my second year started, Jay entered the same university . This year, my roommate was Tim, the awkward golden-haired boy I'd switched roommates with the year before. Tim didn't mind me having friends over, as long as I promised to never do any "gay stuff where he could see." So, yeah, he wasn't "homophobic" as he'd promised, but he wasn't all-accepting either.

One afternoon, Jay sat at my dorm room desk and brought up his forgotten bi-exploration. "I still want to try it, though," he muttered.

"Well, do you want to do it with me?" I asked. I'd never been friends-with-benefits with anyone before. But Jay wanted to try it and it's not like I was saving myself for someone special; I'd had hookups. And Jay was attractive. So, I figured just once would be fine.

After a moment of thinking, Jay agreed. Tim walked into the room immediately after, saying, "No gay sex in the room."

"No straight sex in the room," I challenged back, raising an eyebrow.


"This street goes both ways, dear." We gave each other hard looks.

"Wow," Jay remarked, looking between us. "The sexual tension is killing me."

Tim grumbled something, grabbed some books off his desk, then left, slamming the door. I gave his afterimage the finger. "Okay, well, my roommate doesn't allow gay sex in the room and you live with your parents, so we're going to have to get a hotel room. Let's split the cost."

"Sure. And this is a one-time thing."

"One time."

"Then let's do it."


A bit before Jay and I made our agreement, I'd gone home for Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving and Christmas of my first year and the Summer after it, neither the name "Liam" or even "Santos" came from my mom's lips. By this point, it was like he didn't even exist anymore. I was over him.

But my dear, sweet tía tended to forget about tact when she had some gossip. I was chopping up vegetables and my mother was at the stove when my tia sped in with groceries then dropped them onto the floor carelessly. "Alex, put the groceries away," she ordered. As I did what I was told, she stood close to my mom and began speaking to her in Spanish. "¿Adivina qué? Liam llegó para celebrar Acción de Gracias y se trajo a su jeva de la uni."

My skills in understanding were far better than my skills in speaking, and my aunt spoke so quickly that I couldn't make out everything, but I'd understood enough. The bag of peppers slid out of my fingers as I was pretty sure she'd just said that Liam had brought his girlfriend from university to visit for Thanksgiving. I was shocked that Liam was in a relationship serious enough to bring her to meet his family during Thanksgiving.

My tía lowered her voice and as I tried to look unaffected and picked up the bag, I caught the end of her sentence when her volume increased again: "...embarazada. ¿No crees tú?"

The bag of peppers I'd just picked up fell onto the floor again, the vegetables rolling across the wood. Liam's girlfriend was possibly pregnant?!

"Rosa!" my mom hissed, quieting her sister.

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