This chapter will be taking place after Trent's heartwarming speech from Chapter 17: Discoveries (while Charlie was still in her coma). Then it'll end where Charlotte catches Trent with Megan. I wouldn't recommend reading Chapter 17 again - that is your choice - but if you decided to do so, you'll understand what exactly is happening.

Also, sorry that this chapter is choppy and that it came so late. Third marking period was ending in school and I needed to do lots of studying if I wanted to maintain my high honor roll spree. Anyway, this is very important and this will answer all the questions that are swarming in your minds. Here's a small recap from that chapter, where we will be traveling back to Trent's point of view:

"A lot of shit when down today. I know judgment would befall upon you from every direction possible. But you know what? Screw them. You're mine and I am yours if you would have me. I swear that I would be by your side till me dying day, to offer you protection and safety. You have proven your worth to all of us - my whole pack and I, that you harbor no harm in the slightest. You deserve to live every second with happiness as a teenage girl unencumbered by worries. 

 Now all you have to do, Charlotte, is to wake up and be by my side. Anyone who tries to cause you harm will have to go through me first."

With my last promising words to Charlotte, I could've sworn I saw her face glow with the tiniest hint of a smile.



Chapter 21: Bittersweet

Trent's POV

I was drowning in a sea of sadness. But, I was reborn into a world of bliss and prosperity when I casted a single glance towards her; whom - at the time - never met before. She was akin to a fresh breath of air, an open gate out of the void. Her cloak had hidden her frame, causing society to perceive her as plain, peculiar, and in all ways ordinary.

But when she merely bared her astounding smile, its allure illuminated across the world exceeding the beauty nature ever held.

Suffice to say, Charlotte Taken was the epitome of a mysterious perfection embodied in human form. And as I laid my eyes on her masked figure for the first time, she had been so wary, so closed off. She was similar to a treasure chest: hidden and consisted of the darkest, yet the most beautiful secrets.

At that very moment, I knew I wanted to dig deeper, and release all the unfathomable emotions that she managed to tame so well. And as I watched her flee, run into the forest that fateful day, my mind clouded with a blazing curiosity. Her enticing scent lingered in the air, but faded as she entered the woods.

That's when my journey began. And one day, I wanted mine and Charlotte's to intertwine to become something unbelievable one day. She radiated an innocent, hidden beauty that was utterly captivating; which, in fact, bounded me and my own heart. To me, she was all but unremarkable.

❧ ✶ ❧

A spark of hope surged through my veins when Charlotte's lush lips delicately curved upward; representing a tiny, yet perceptible smile. My heart, that was once hollow, filled with intense feelings of love as I stared blatantly at my mate.

I struggled to remain composed despite the whirlwind of thoughts plaguing my mind as full-blown grin graced my lips. Cradling her hand with my own, my hand felt like it was lit with an unquenchable fire. I reveled in the envelope of her warmth that had yet to be leached and gazed at her sleeping figure.

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