The girl with no regret

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I watched them run after her and rolled my eyes.

They are delusional.

Looking over I noticed Brad rooted to the spot, maybe I should spice it up a little.

I strolled over to him and put my hands over his eyes.

"Guess who!" I laughed and I could sense him smile slightly, releasing stress.

"Tilly? I know it's you I can tell by your laugh." I spun him round and sent him a flirty look.

It would work.

"Where's everyone run off to?" I said innocently, I switched on a worried expression.

I knew he'd fall for it, he thinks I care.

"Erm Liv raced off and they went to.. you know.. check on her." he mumbled looking down.

"Brad?" I said slowly lifting his chin so he looked into my eyes. "I don't know what went on but I am here.... for you."

I had to hide my smirk once again. This was too much fun, I could get back at Liv for all she's done to me.

"I know...." he coughed. "I just don't know how I feel right now. Should I go after her?"

He turned round, searching for any sign of her. I gripped his arm, squeezing it slightly harder than I should of.

"Brad..... please.. look at me!" He spun back to face me and furrowed his eyebrows concerned.

"What about me?" I said. "Don't you want to be with me?"

He looked around, still searching for Liv, he wasn't focusing on me.

This made me furious.

I grabbed his face and kissed him, I was done with mind games.

He pulled away shocked, but I could tell I had effected him.

"I....I...umm" he mumbled, scratching his neck.

Just as he was about to tell me what I needed him to say, I saw Tristan running towards us.

Out of breath, he rushed up and blatantly stood in-front of me facing Brad.

I didn't care, Tristan never liked me.

"Brad! You need to get over there, it's Liv, she needs you!" he said breathing heavily.

He turned to look at me, shooting a dirty look before muttering,

"What is she doing here?"

"It's a party in the park, I was invited." I said sweetly, cursing in my head.

"Where is Liv?" Brad grabbed Tris' shoulder panicking. "I need to see her."

He started running in the general direction of where Liv had headed.

I sighed, this was getting to much.

Just as I was about to follow him, Tristan whispered in my ear,

"Don't even think about coming in between Liv and Brad, you aren't wanted here. I know your game."

I stopped and spat at him.

"I'll do what I want. Liv isn't going to get Brad. Why would he want her if he could have me?" I laughed coldly.

Playing with emotions is fun.

I liked how this was panning out.

I was excited for what was to come.


"Liv talk to me please!" Bella pleaded with me, but I couldn't speak.

Everyone was crowding round me, faces of concern. The only two people not here were Tilly and.... Brad.

"Please, Liv, Please!" Connor mumbled.

I was sat on the beach near the sea at the edge of the park, I didn't care about getting wet, I just wanted to be alone.

The others had come and sat with me and were trying to get me to move.

"Why does it matter what Brad said? It's good isn't it? You know that he likes you now." Connor puzzled.

"Right we should all leave." Tristan said, standing up. "Let's give her some space."

The boys and Bella hugged me before they headed off back to the concert.

I'd almost forgotten about that.

"Come back as soon as you feel better ok?" Bella called back to me.

I just wanted to sit here.


I'd been alone with my thoughts, the waves washing over my feet, for a while.

A twig snapped behind me suddenly and I froze.

Without looking back I shouted into the woods.

"Whoever you are, you can do all the damage you want to me, I'm already broken."

I heard a cough.



I stayed facing the water, I didn't want to turn around.

He stepped closer coughed and started to speak. As soon as he muttered the first lines I knew...

"If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't like you.......If I hadn't liked you, I wouldn't love you..."

I smiled to myself, tears falling down my cheeks.

"If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you." he continued, sighing.

"But I did, I do and I will." We said in unison. I started crying properly, and sighed, the most crying I've ever done seemed to be in this week alone.

He came and sat next to me, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

"How did you know?.." I muttered looking down.

"Bella told me it was your favourite, turns out it's mine too."

He smiled his cute dimple smile at me and I felt my worries melt away.



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