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~chapter six~

" Class, I'd like to introduce you all to Taki Seizmer. He's a new student, so I wan't you all to be nice to him. Taki you can sit... there. Go on take a seat." The teacher tells me, pointing to an empty seat next to the window.

I slowly, shyly walk over to the seat. The other students in the class watch my every move, until I sit down. The teacher stood there for a few minutes explaining to us what we needed to do.

" Taki. Right?" Asks a high pitched voice behind me, making me jump. " Oh, sorry. Did I scare you?" She asks.

" Yeah." I answer, slowly turning to face a short haired blonde girl with blue eyes.

" Sorry." She says, smiling slightly as if shes a bit ashamed. I just nod my head, leting her know it's okay.

" So your a Seizmer then? Does that mean your Shin's little brother. He's never mentioned you before." She explains, her small face changing from unease to excitement in a flash.

" Yeah, I just moved here." I lie, looking out the window

" Really? Where did you move from?"

" I'd rather not talk about it. let's change the subject."

" Okaay? Then what do you want to talk about?" She says twirling her hair.

" I'm just going to do my work." I tell her turning back around to my desk.

" Well can I work with you?" She asks, bringing her desk beside mine.

" I guess." I say, suprised.

" K!" She responds cheerful.

                     *   *   *

I jumped at the sound of the bell. " Come on it's time to go home!" says Karen, standing in from her seat.

" Taki!" Calls a familar voice. His voice.

I suddenly stand up, startling Karen. " Wow! Thats the fastest I've seen you move."

" Hey!" says Hizoka, coming to stand beside me. " How was your first day?" He asks smiling, that smile.


" You seemed to cheer up quickly when he walked in. I take it you know each other?" Asks Karen, staring at us intently.

" Yeah." Hizoka answers, smiling strangly.

I give him an odd look. He looks back at me seeing the look. He looks at me, scruching his nose. " What?" He asks confused.

" Nothing." I say, looking away from him.

" Am I supposed to keep it a secret?" He asks.

When I look back at him, he looks  hurt.

" Huh? Where'd you get that?" I ask, getting angry at the thought that he thought I didn't wan't people to know he knew me.

" I don't know thats what it just seemed like."

" Of course not! You have no idea how grateful I am that your my friend!" I say, grabing his hand, nearly yelling.

" Friend?" He asks, his voice lowering to almost a whisper. He looks down at the floor, looking disapointed.

" Hizoka?" I ask, worried I hurt him.  What if he doesn't think of me as a friend?

" You are my friend aren't you?" I ask worried, tears burn my eyes.

" Yeah." He answers still looking at the floor.

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