❦Chapter 2❦

Aria's Pov

"H-Harry...".It is not the fear that growing inside now, it is anger. "What the fuck are you doing here?". I yell, not startling Harry at all, just standing there with a small smirk plastered on his face. He starts to stride towards me but, I back away, cowering from him. Even though I have grown up so much since I last saw him, I am still petrified of him. I am trying to stand up for myself, but the closer he gets the more nervous I become.

"Now now, that is no way for a young, beautiful, lady like yourself to speak in such a manner like that". Harry said, still taking the steps towards.

"W-Why are you here? Why are you back?"

"All for won reason love, all for one reason".

"Which is?". He continued to walk to me, until he finally stopped, so my body was up against the tree behind me, with his body pressed on me and his lips slightly brushing my ear.


"Me? What are you talking about?". I shoved him away easily getting out his grip. He is confusing me more and more by the minute.

"For a bonnie girl like yourself, you are not that smart". How dare he, I always got straight A's at school, but then they did drop to C's and D's, as I was pushed more towards my dance."Still not know? Well let's take a small trip down memory lane, so we can refresh your

mind". He did used to watch me when I was younger but that is defiantly not the reason why he is back.

"You were such young girl, I am surprised you even remember me sweetheart, I am more surprised you even my name, looks like someone has been missing me". He cocked his eyebrow up to see if that was the answer. Did I miss him? After he left I didn't understand him, then as I grew up I had to pick myself up out of the loneliness of missing him, because then I started processing that he is not the person my child self thought he was.

"Just get back to why you are here? Why you are back...for me?".

"Oh Aria, silly Aria, I never left babe". I stood aghast at his words, those words made me feel small, as if I was still being spoke to as a child. 'silly Aria'.

"I have always been watching you. Your 'Sleeping Beauty' performance to your 'Giselle' recital, from your grandparents funeral to when you first met Alexander". He said Alexanders name with such disgust, that he wouldn't dare to have such a person like him near himself."So now's the time darling to take what is mine". He was back in the same position before, but this time it is not his mouth that is to my ear, it is to my lips.

I push him away from me, not even letting my lips move in sync with his. "What do you think you are doing? I have a boyfriend". Harry's face is showing mixes of envy and disappointment, but mostly anger.

"You will not love Alexander anymore. You will not speak of another mans name, you are mine".

"I will never be yours!". I spat at him, trying to run quickly, shoving my belongings in my bag, but I don't get that very close to the gate as I am shoved back against a tree, with Harry's weight on me. His eyes change to a full dark shade which are like two black abysses, piercing straight into mine.

"Do not ever speak to me with such disrespect or there will be punishment. Do you understand?". He barks straight down to my face, leaving me defenceless, making me to scared to even say word back to him. "I said, do you understand?" I nodded quickly, showing my fear of him which earned a satisfied smirk of him. "Good, now we-". He is interrupted by shouts from the direction of the gates. My parents. phew!

Harry let's go of me, a bit startled from my parents. I start to quickly walk to the gate, I feel a arctic cold hand place to my shoulder, but it quickly disappears with a whisper that I was dreading to hear.

"Soon, love. And soon is closer than you think". And with that Harry was gone.


"And ending position for the swans".

My mum is having a Swan Lake performance held here, at the ballet school. We have just had our last practice of the finale of act five, basically the end, the performance is tommorow. It is a quite sad ending to the story but at the same time it is so beautiful, elegant and romantic. With Odette committing suicide by jumping in the lake and then Prince Siegfried going with her. With that act of love destroys Rothbart. And with that the lovers dance together to in heaven, forever.

"Hello Darling". I feel Alexander's kiss to my cheek. Which is quite a shock for a change as he, isn't this touchy at all, it is just normally a quick hug. "Are you excited for Tomorrow night?". I nodded up to him with a smile. He is dancing the part of Prince Siegfried and with my mother insisting, I am dancing the part of Odette. Hopefully tomorrow goes the way it is supposed to and does not have any, disruptions from anybody.


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