Chapter 28

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- Alice's POV -

It has been two days since I last saw Zayn . I still remembered how it all went .. So I guess we're kind of a couple now , though I didn't really talk to my parents about it .


" You took so long to say it " he said leaning down to kiss me again . A smile making its way to his lips . A smile that I didn't think I would have seen in situation like that one . " I love you " he continued .

It felt like stabbing me in the heart just seeing him looking at me with such sadness and anger filling his eyes , and I didn't find a better time to tell him . I would do anything to remove that feeling showed in his eyes , even if I had to tell him how I feel as soon as I figured it out , and even if I had no idea how he will react to this .

Well , now that I knew he feels the same , I feel better than ever . And no matter how happy I felt before , it never felt as real as now .

A lot happened in the past two days . I haven't seen Zayn but we've been on the phone and skype a lot . He's been busy and I was a little bit , too .

Emily and I had gone shopping and to the movies last night . It was pretty fun , and I always enjoy every moment with Em . We talked , a lot . And she kind of convinced me what I was doing was the right thing . And that being in love is not wrong , no matter what the case was .

My parents didn't leave me alone , though . They have been always talking about it and trying to open the subject . I knew , for some reason , that it wasn't going to be good news if we talked so I always avoided them and the subject .

On the bright side , I turned out remembering the most important subjects and its continents . I never remembered the unuseful ones or the ones I didn't love like history , geography and French .

Yesterday , my parents went to talk to the school's principal to get me back there to continue the subjects I remembered like normal students and this lifted my spirit a lot more . And I stayed home while Jessica and Sophie visited me .

So since the things went right yesterday at school , I would be going there starting tomorrow . I was so excited , but so scared .

Also , Ross came once to our place . We didn't sit alone though . It was always with the family . We had dinner silently but he kept on sending me glares and on sighing . I didn't really get what he wanted , he knew I didn't remember him . He knew I didn't feel the same anymore . And he probably knew that I'm seeing someone else . But I just felt like he wouldn't stay away .


It was 9:00 pm by now and I had prepared my stuff for tomorrow's " first day at school " .

I talked to Zayn on the phone for almost half an hour before I go to sleep , and believe I would've talked more if I could . I just really loved sharing everything I feel or everything that happened with him .

His calm voice echoing slowly in my head and his soft words drove me to sleep so easily .


I woke really early on the sound of the alarm next morning . I first ran to Em's room and woke her up before making my way to the bathroom to clean up .

I got back to my room and wore the clothes I had chosen last night : a skinny jeans with top and red blazer . I can really change my mind a lot about clothes . And I would really try a lot of types . And it would never bother me .

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and tried calling Zayn hoping I wouldn't wake him up . But when I heard some beeps and no answer , I ended up the call because I knew he was still sleeping . I put my earphones in and made my way downstairs where I headed to the kitchen to wish mom a good morning and have an apple .

I did what I got down for and went out to the car waiting for the rest of them to get down here .

Em drove Austin to school while her and I continued our way to the high school .

As soon as I stepped in , my legs started shaking . Em must have noticed because she leaned down to whisper something in my ear .

" It's cool , chill . It'll be okay , come with me we'll find Jessica and Sophie " she said . I nodded .

We walked down the hallway pass a lot of people who wouldn't get their eyes off . Believe me , that wasn't comforting at all .

I soon saw a girl coming closer with a smile on her face and when she was really close , she hugged me .

" Ohh Alice we miss you ! How have you been ?! "

" Fine " I answered and wondered if I sounded rude because I didn't mean to .

" It's Iris . Em's bff ? " she said more of a question . And when I didn't answer , she added " Oh sweety it's so good to have you back here . We all miss you , you'll see that " .

Em nodded to Iris and we continued our way leaving Iris looking at us . I didn't remember her and I felt bad for that .. I thought how bad I would be feeling too when I meet a lot like her . Not only her , there were my classmates , my teachers ...

We found Sophie and Jessica and Em went back to her friend .

The way I was introduced to my old friends wasn't what I expected . It was better .

I was simply introduced like I was a new student who has never been here . Though I could never ignore the way their eyes expected me to remember them . I wish I could .. I wish I could more than they do . But it's not the reality . The good part is I was enhancing and that reality would maybe , just maybe , change .

The teachers didn't act like I was a new student . I was just another kid in the classroom and I can't deny that it made me feel good .

The lunch was not as good as the other classes because that's when the whole school would be at the same place . And I guess we all know how people find any story like mine interesting and worth talking about . So everyone just kept looking and staring , including Ross who was a year older than me and that's the reason why I hadn't seen him until then .

The day passed faster than I thought it would .

I was walking out with my two best friends that I already got used to when my phone vibrated . I excused and took out of my pocket walking out of the gate thinking this should be Em because I had noticed that I was late .

But , to my surprise , it was Zayn .

" - Heyy

- Hi baby

- How are you ?

- I'm good . How was your day at school babe ?

- It was great actually .

- Aha good because I wouldn't want to see you sad .

- What ? What are you talking about ?

- Look to your left , love " was the last thing he said before I turn to my left and see his black car there .

I closed the phone and ran really fast towards it . I seriously couldn't wait to see him . Two days after the love confession sounded like two years .

I entered the passenger seat and as soon as I closed the door he leaned to kiss me as I did too .

" God , I miss you " he whispered pulling back and turning the car on .

I smiled and enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching him and staring into his smallest features while he was driving .

" Wait ! That's not the way to your house ! " I said once I got out of my imaginition and the world where only Zayn existed .

" Who said we're going home ? "

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