ch4 part2

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The sight before me is amazing. A tall glass building with different colored lights shinning in every window, dazzle's me. People fill the already crowded parking lot walking to and from cars. 

" Wow their really busy today!" says Hizoka climbing out of the car, pulling me out after him. Hizoka grabs hold of my hand, sensing the fear rising in me.

We follow behind Tish and Brad, walking closer and closer towards the crowded doors', I hold onto Hizoka's hand tighter the fear nearly freezing me in place.

" Aahem." Says Shin, glaring at me and Hizoka. " I told you not to hold him anymore, not even his hand." Scolds Shin.

" Look at him Shin, he doesn't like people. He's so scared he's shaking." Snaps Hizoka.

" Whatever. When you end up getting punished, don't come crying to me." He growls, before walking away from us. 

" What's he mean when you get punished? Punished for what?" I ask Hizoka, worried. Hizoka is silent while we walk into the mall and head for the food court.

" Taki, Shin, Hizoka wait here for a minute I'm going to go get a couple of drinks for us and Brads going to go and draw some money out of an ATM." Explains Tish.

" Ok." Answers Hizoka.

" Can I come with you?" Asks Shin.

" Taki, Hizoka will you be alright sitting here by yourselves for a few minutes?" Asks Tish.

" Yeah." We both reply in unison.

Hizoka waits until both Tish and Shin are out of hearing range before responding;   " Both your family and mine are involved with a church where being with someone of the same gender is against God and if the church finds out that someone is with someone of the same gender, they're punished because it's a sin." Explains Hizoka, looking down at his shoes.

" I get what your saying but, what's a sin?" I ask slightly confused.

" It means your going against God and that's bad." He answers.

" Oh. So that's what you ment when you said that we can't kiss because it's bad, so what you really ment was that it's a sin. Right?"

" Yeah." He says, barely in a whisper.

" Hizoka how old are you?" I ask to change the subject.

" I'm twelve. How old are you?"

" I'm eleven."

" Really? I thought you were older than me, even my parents thought you were. I mean you look it, older than me that is."

" Really?" I ask, laughing.

" Yeah." He answers, laughing.

" You know Shin's only fourteen."

" I don't care how old he is, he doesn't need to be so mean." I say bluntly.

" He's only trying to protect both of us."

" Mostly you. He doesn't like me very much."

" Yeah, I know but he'll get over that. It took him a long time to like me actually, so don't worry." Says Hizoka, smiling gently at me.

I can't help but smile back at him

" You always smile when I do. Why?"

" I don't know, for some reason when I see you smile or laugh it makes me happy and it's all I can do but to smile back." I explain, embarassed heat rushing to my face

" Your cute when you blush." He says giggling softly.

" Huh!?" I ask quickly turning so that he can't see my face. " W Why would you say that!?" I shreik.

" Because it's the truth." Says Hizoka, grabbing a hold of my shoulder and gently tugging on me so that I'd face him.

Hizoka gently places his thumb on my bottom lip, brushing it back and forth across it. He starts to lean in so that our mouths are nearly touching. My breath stops in my throat.

I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

" Taki." He whispers, his warm breath toying with my lips. I start to tremble slightly.

" H Hizoka I thought were not supposed to do that." I say breathlesly, nearly crying.

" I I'm sorry." He says lowering his hand from my face and pulling away from me.

" Why is it wrong?" I ask looking away from him, my face burning with heat.

" I don't know." He says so low I can barely hear him.

" Hey, what are you two doing sitting here alone? Why didn't you go with Tish and Shin?" Asks Brad appering behind us, making both Hizoka and myself jump.

" Oh, sorry did I scare you?"

" Yeah!" We both respond, nearly yelling at him.

" Sorry." He says smiling slightly.

" Hey you three come on." Yells Tish a few feet away from us.

Hizoka and I get up, following Brad over to Tish and Shin.

" Were you two behaving yourselves?" Asks Tish.

" Yeah." Answers Hizoka. Yes I nod

" Alrighty, Taki do you have any certain type of style you like?" Asks Brad.

" No, not really. I've never been able to choose my own clothes or even go shopping for them.

" Okay. Well then I guess we can show you some clothes and you can tell us wether or not you like them. Sound good?" Asks Tish.

" Yeah."

" Ok, then lets get started!" says Tish excitedly clapping her hands together.

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