Chapter 31 |2/2| {I'm sorry you lost your dad.}

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"ADAM! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Ashley yelled at him.

"Nothing...Tommy just got on my nerves." He said.

"Dude, that didn't mean you had to say that you didn't love him." Monte told him.

"Well, if he's acting like this then i don't love him." Adam said walking away.

|Later on|

Tommy's pov:I can't believe Adam! He knows how much i loved my dad, even though we didn't have a relationship, he was still family and he treated us like one even though my mom and him didn't have it so well either but, Adam didn't have to destroy my pic of dad and I and, why did he say that he didn't love me? That hurt so much, i knew it from the start, he never liked me and never did. He loved Sauli and i ruined it for him, i can't believe it, i guess saying that he loved me was a big lie and disappointment. If i didn't come in and ruin his relationship, everything would've been ok now. Liz wouldn't be trying to kill me and my friends, Sauli NOT dead and everything working out the way it should've been till I ruined it. I looked at the pic of my dad and I and saw a note behind it saying 'Tommy, even though you and I never knew each other well or had a Father/Son relationship, it was nice of you to come and see me before my passing. Spending hours with you in the hospital room made me the luckiest guy in the world to have such a bright and amazing son like you in my life. I hope you and your mother take care, tell her i love her and i wish her luck cuz you know how she's been hehe, i love you with all my heart and i just want you to know that you will always be with me and i'll always be with you. Xoxo Mike {Aka} Your loving father.' As i read that, tears fell out of my eyes and cried hard thinking of him, he really loved me, he really did. I can't believe he was gone after that and i can't believe i just noticed this note from him. I wish i could see him now and tell him everything that's happened, when I was little, my dad would be there for me even though we never talked about personal things. Just guitar, bands and all that stuff. When i was 14, i started wearing makeup and i remember mom getting mad at me for wearing her eye shadow and lipstick but, dad told her it was normal cuz believe it or not, he wore makeup too so, he knew how i felt during that time. When i got my first guitar, he taught me how to play it and we would spend literally 6 hours playing G&R, Metallica, Ozzy Osborne and all the other bands, man those were good times. He was the only guy who would hang out with me cuz mom would smoke or drink a lot so dad protect me from the damages she's done and helped us through a tough time, like i said we didn't talk about personal things but, we talked about some personal things just not his life a lot cuz well, he didn't wanna talk about it. When i joined Adam's band, he met Adam and loved him cuz he played Glam music and he wore make up and everything he did and it was perfect, he was in a band in the '80's-'90's and his band were pretty famous back then but, since his death, they had to cancel the band and his friends were so upset about his cancer. He's had his cancer for 5 years and it's gotten worse each year, seeing him die peacefully was the most heartbreaking moment of my life but, enough of that. I tried to fix the photo by taping it but, it looked crappy, I took the half pic of my dad and put it in my wallet as my photo. I smiled as i saw him in there and glared at it for a long time, god i miss him. I got off my bed and went to the bathroom and washed my face to get the makeup off and all that, Ashley came in and saw me rising myself.

"Hey, you ok?" She asked me softly, i looked down at the sink and tightly shut my eyes.

"You know how it feels to lose someone you hardly knew but loved them anyways? It feels like shit, i'll tell ya that." I told her, she came over to me and hugged me. She was my only best friend besides Monte who understood me and all, i didn't say this before but, Monte, Ashley and I have been friends since Middle school and Adam and I just knew each other for 3-4 years so, they knew me more then Adam at least. Ashley and I sat down and talked for an hour and a half about my dad and what we use to do.

"You guys were close?"

"We weren't close close but, we enjoyed spending some time together playing music with each other or teaching me about music."

"He sounds really nice."

"He was, he guided me through the tough times my mom's been doing and he was just there to help me."

"You sure you two didn't have a relationship cuz, it sounds like it." She said smiling, i laughed.

"Yeah, we never knew each other but, we did have a love for music and we did talk about it. I loved talking to him about it, it made me happy. He was my true friend who loved music and loved me and never did anything bad unlike my mom." I said looking down at his pic, Ashley rubbed my shoulder and kissed my head.

"I'm sorry you lost your dad."

"It's ok, he knows I love him and i know he loves me."

Ashley rubbed my shoulder and kissed my head.

"Do you want something to eat? Monte's fixing dinner." She asked me, i shook my head 'no'

"I'm fine." I told her, she knew i was in a lot of pressure so, she wasn't gonna push me into eating.

"Kay, need anything call us." She said to me and left.

Ashley's pov:I walked out and saw Monte cooking dinner.

"How is he?" He asked me.

"He's so upset." I told him.

"That's a shame, i feel bad for-" Monte cut off as he heard a thump.

"What was that!?" I said worried.

"I don't know!"

"TOMMY!!!" We both yelled and ran to his room and saw him unconscious on the floor.

"Tommy!" I yelled as i checked his pulse. "He's still breathing but he's cold. Call 911!"

{That's all for this series, sorry it was long but hope you guys enjoyed it!}

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