As soon as Louis had brought me home, without speaking to anyone, I headed straight upstairs and to bed. I don’t know what had happened back then in the car, but I did know what I saw had shocked me.

      I didn’t see the motives behind Sam’s actions and it was somewhat confusing. I didn’t understand why she didn’t even text me, or why she had stayed so silent since we got back from the hairdressers or why Zayn even took her out. I didn’t see the motives behind anything and it just seemed the further the boys dug into our lives, the further Sam and I were breaking apart.

     And I didn’t like it – not one bit. I didn’t want our friendship to be drifting apart because we couldn’t seem to get a grip with our love lives – not that there was one, well I didn’t think there was anyways.

     I stripped from my clothes and let down my hair after securing it into a tight bun earlier on this evening. Whilst I was changing into my pyjamas – which consisted of joggers and a t-shirt – a knock came on the door.

     “Come in!” I called out and Harry pushed the door open with a suitcase in his hand. A girl with blonde hair followed him and I was slightly surprised. Today had been a day full of surprises and I didn’t really know how many more I could take.

     “Alexis, this is Amelia. She’s going to be staying with us for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ve cleared it with management,” he informed me setting her bags down. She sent a weak smile in my direction and I replied with the same.

     “She’ll be staying here for tonight and we’ll sort something out tomorrow,” he then added on and I raised an eyebrow at him. Sam and I may not have been the closest of friends right now, but that didn’t mean I hadn’t forgotten about her and would happily give her sleeping space up.

      “Wait, what about Sam?” I asked him and he looked quizzical.

     “I thought you knew,” he told me and my head was beginning to hurt from the amount of thinking I had done.

      “Knew what?” I questioned.

     “Samantha’s staying with Zayn, she said she needs a breather, management have also cleared that,” Harry informed me and this day just seemed to be getting better and better.

     I didn’t say anything and he took my silence as his answer and then left the room leaving me alone with this Amelia chick. She was a rather quiet girl, pretty shy and awkward.

     “The bathroom’s there,” I pointed out to her and she awkwardly turned around, grabbed her stuff and went in.

     I climbed into bed and lay down whilst playing on my phone attempting to distract myself from thinking about anything negative. However, today had been full of negatives and I could find nothing positive.

     So, to busy myself, I decided to text Harry.

    Why is your friend so quiet? –Alexis

     I was guessing he was driving or busy as his reply came a while later.

     She’s not. She’s just going through a rough patch. Don’t give her a hard time, the last thing she needs is your constant natter. –Harry

     Wow, I’m not that heartless, you dick. I am nice to people who are remotely nice to me. –Al

     I was always nice to you; I didn’t see you being nice to me! –H

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