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chapter eight.

"fucking great. it's meal time." the raspy voices of the apocalypse of convicts rattled the cells and slammed their weight against the cool metal bars.

chains began shaking and ear splitting shrieks followed as the guards tossed loaves of bread and a piece of dirty lettuce onto the dirt covered ground. the filth beat up the lettuce and the girl held her breath as she slid it into her mouth --- completely.

she then turned to watch the new boy break his loaf into multiple pieces and hide the rest in the corner of his cell like he had already been here forever and knew what to do.

"why are you doing that?" the girls voice sounded nasty as he looked up panicked.

"so i have more for later."

"that's dumb; just like you." for some weird reason the girl felt her mind splitting words slip out before she could stop them.

"thanks for boosting my self consciousness."

a small smile spread over his lips as he replied once again,

"i saved some for both me and you for later by the way,"

and a blush spread throughout her pale face. why was he trying so hard? she wasn't worth it. she really wasn't.

but this was the happiest she had felt in ages.

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