Chapter thirteen

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Mikey's POV

Ray and I had decided to meet up at the mall one Friday evening seems Gee and Frank were being lazy bastards back at mine. It was a really nice day. You think I mean really sunny, birds in the sky, people walking about in shorts and the sound of kids playing. Nope. It was actually quite a cold day and the sky was rather grey, which meant I could get cosy in a hoodie and not be blinded by the sun. Also, there were hardly any people to be seen. That still didn't stop me from having my headphones in, hands placed moodily in my pockets and looking at the pavement. Although I looked miserable, I was actually really happy to be going out and seeing Ray. It's just society that pisses me off.

As I turned the corned when heading out of the alley way, I bumped into a figure. Making me stop in my tracks, I looked up to mumble an apology.

"Oh, I'm really sorry!" She beat me to it, "It was my fault, I was in the way stupidly checking my phone."

"Erm, It's okay..." I mentally slapped myself for being socially awkward. She didn't look like all the other girls that seemed to litter the school. She had dark denim shorts, fishnet tight, converse and a band top.

"Nice top," I smiled when I noticed the green day top she wore. My smile suddenly turned into a look of horror once I realised what I had said. I waited for her to slap me. But honestly, I wasn't looking at her boobs - it was just the top...which covers her boobs...but I was looking at the top so...

"S-sorry...I just erm like Green Day," I was probably digging myself deeper.

"Haha, dude, it's fine," she began walking the way I was heading so I quickly grew some balls and walked with her. I suppose you really can make friends by wearing band merch! As much as I hated making conversation, I also hated awkward silences. Although we both seemed to be going to same way, I still asked where she was heading.

"The Music store in the Mall. Work," She sighed at the thought of it.

"Awesome. I meeting my friend there too. Do you like working there?" I hoped I wasn't annoying her.

"It's pretty good really."

"Two of my best friends work there. Ray? Frank?" I asked wondering if she could possibly know them.

"Ray is a great guy! Frank? Not sure I know him...wait, could he be the new guy? The short one?" She brought her finger to her lips in a thinking kind of way and pouted.

"Short? Yeah, that's definitely the one!" I didn't need a full description, saying that he was short was enough.

"Ahh, he seems sweet. I haven't spoken to him yet, besides saying thank you to him when he held the door for me. Yeah, that's all. I would like to speak to him because we seem pretty similar as far as I can tell. Sorry," She apologised as she realised she had been rambling on and her cheeks turned a crimson colour. I smirked at her, as if to say 'I know you like him.'

That was sweet. Frank deserved a great girl because after all he was a great guy. Maybe Ray and I should try ad set them up. Whilst we were walking down the path making small conversation, I was messaging ray.

 Me: Dude, we have to set Frank and that girl up. Ahh, I forgot to ask her name...

"Oh, I'm Mikey by the way," I said awkwardly in between conversation.

"Jamia," She smiled sweetly at me.

Ray: Like I'm meant to have a clue to who you're referring to..?

Me: Sorry, It's Jamia. She really likes him.

Ray: Okay, I'll try at work today. But what about your brother? I had completely forgotten about that. That proves that it's not a big deal though. Surely they are just good friends - like myself and Ray.

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