Alena slowly awoke in her cel. "Hey, are you feeling okay?" The soft voice made her look up. The dark made it hard for her to see, but slowly she could see the other person. He was in the cel next to her and had his arm streched out between the bars. Alena crawled towards him, and recognized him, it was Peeta Mellark. "Why are you here?"She asked soft and laid her head against the bars. Her head was pounding and felt like it was going to explode. "I don't know, they just kept asking questions," She nodded. "Open Cel 4" A computer voice said. Alena's cel door opened and a peacekeeper appeared in the opening. He didn't say anything but just lifted her up in the air by her arm. "That hurts!"She protested and tried to get her arm loose. "Let go of her!"Peeta yelled, but the peacekeeper just held her arm really tight and pulled her along to the room she had been in before. "Let me go!" With that said the peacekeeper dropped her on the floor. "Asshole,"She muttered. The peacekeeper tilded her up again, but laid her on the table this time. "No!" but the cains around her ankles and wrists where fastend before she could struggle. "Stop!" Alena tried, when the screens came down again. The little clips started again, making her thoughts run wild

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