i stand straight, looking at myself on the mirror

i was wearing a baby blue dress that stopped on mid thigh in front and the back part was longer than the front.

my hair was curled into perfection and my make up was done lightly.

the dress was puffy and had sequencing.

the doorbell rang and briskly walked and opened the door.

i saw Luke and before I knew it someone was standing at the back of him

it was calum.

I gave them a puzzled look.

I was contemplating if I should talk to them, leave them, hit calum, shout at Luke for being stupid.

I decided to just stand with my puzzled look.

"hey..." Luke and calum say in unison, their voices hoarse.

i cocked an eyebrow

"we decided that we should take you to prom- both of us" he pointed to himself and calum.

I nodded.

they both walk with me, each of them on one side intertwining their arms with mine.

"so what's the plan?" I decided to speak up.

"well we dance-"

"have fun-"

"talk-" I cut Luke off.

"whoa," I stop him.

"we're finally gonna get out?" I ask, my eyes wondering. I felt like I wanted to scream. I didn't know why. was it because I was happy to get out, or if I was not ready to get out and know what was in the real world outside of this asylum.

it's been 2 years and this feeling
wasn't ordinary.

he didn't answer my question.

they both walked and dragged me with them.

the place was spectacular.

it was well designed and beautifully arranged.

they had a band and they had the lights.

I didn't expect it to be like this.

a slow song started to play.

calum stands up and takes my hand and pulls me to the dance floor.

we were just inches apart.

his body close to mine

I hope I wasn't blushing too much.

I was still mad at him, though

he had no right to hit Luke

"can I steal this dance?" I see Luke say very lowly.

he hesitates but gets out of the way.

I smile and so does he. he pulls me closer to his body and now I'm sure that I was a tomato.

he moves slowly with the tune of the song.


the night passed and it was amazing,

I danced with ash and Michael too.

we were now outside and I saw all the other boys and they were waiting for us.

Michael and Ashton had girls with them, probably their girlfriends?

the girl with Ashton had red curled hair cascading down her shoulders. I learned her name was Kate.

The girl with Michael had straight hair falling of her shoulders. her brown straight hair in one side. I learned we name was ari.

they lead all of us to the halls and I just noticed we were standing in front of a door.

not and ordinary door.

it had the word 'therapist' engraved to the wooden door.

I looked at the door with a puzzled look.

I examined everyone's faces and they all had a smug look on their face.

"what are we doing here?" I ask, hesitantly. half of me was afraid to know the answer and the other half wanted to scream and know the answer, like it was the only thing that matters.

"we're here to speak" they all say in unison it was just weird. it was strange.

so I've been gone for a while
did you miss me?
don't deny it you did.
so I know that this chapter just really sucked.

a lot.

~jay ((my new name)) or ceejay

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