Chapter 7 2019

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(Fan's POV)

I lay down and grab my laptop. I plug my head phones in and I play music from iTunes and start playing Minecraft.

"Woah this is still popular?" he asks. I try to ignore him while I'm fighting off mobs. "The last time I played this was... in 2019," he says. I noticed that year was when I was born.

"Wait, hold up, when did you die?" I ask. He thinks for a while.

"Um," I can hear discourage in his voice, "I... don't.... really... know. Ooh! Somewhere around your birthday!"

"Do you know what year it is now?" I question.

"Um," he stares at the ground, "Why are you even asking these questions?" I look at him and he looks into my eyes. I see happiness, in them. "How'd you do that?" he asks.

"Do what?" I ask. I pause the game and take my headphones off.

"You, just... ugh, never mind," he sits next to me and I start playing MC again.

~Mitch's POV~

(Rewind the story a little to when he looked into her eyes)

I look into her light brown eyes and I see me next to a boy, younger than me. We were playing soccer in a park and we laugh together. I was teaching him tricks and he laughed. A car pulls up and a girl comes out, probably older than me. These people don't look familiar whatsoever but I was with them, why? The girl comes out and brings us some food. We eat then we go play again, this time I was juggling three soccer balls.

"Kyleigh!" I yell, "Take a picture or something!" She runs to me and snaps a picture.

"I'm uploading this to facebook!" she says.

I stop juggling and go up to her, "How does it look?" She shows me the pic and I laugh.

A/N- That was like a flashback sorta^^^

"How'd you do that?" I question.

"Do what?" she replies.

"You, just... ugh, never mind," I sit next to her and she starts to play again.

Fan soon falls asleep, I exit the game for her and put her laptop on her desk. I look at her and she shivers, I pull the covers over her shoulder, "Night Fan."

*Time skip to morning*

"AAAAAH," I wake up to my mom screaming from across the hall.

I get up quickly and run to where I heard the scream and my mom's on the ground with her coffee on the ground. "What happened?" I ask trying to help her up.

"I don't know I guess I just slipped on something," she replies. I have a bad feeling in my stomach like something bad is gonna happen I think they call it a "gut" feeling.

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