Chapter 5 - Tris

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The kissing was electrifying. I can still feel Tobias's lips on mine, his hand on my arm, even though we are sat in one of Evelyn's cars. We're going back to our apartment. This car is a metallic blue. Evelyn got one of the scientists, Thomas, to be a temporary chauffeur and drive us back home. It will be awkward, because we have to spend the evening with Jace and Clary, but when they have gone to bed and settled down for the night it will just be me and Tobias.

Thomas pulls up outside the house where our apartment is. It's just a house, but there are three floors, and each one is someone's flat. We're at the top. Luckily there is an elevator, so we don't have to climb the stairs every time.

Tobias thanks Thomas as he drives away, leaving us four on the sidewalk with lots of luggage.

"So," I say. "This is our apartment." I gesture to the house.

"Which floor?" Clary asks.

"The top," I say. Grinning, I add, "Always the best."

"You're right," she says. "When I lived with my mom, we were on the top floor."

"Cool," I say. "By the way, is it alright if we have Chinese takeout later?"

Clary and Jace smile. "As long as I can have noodles," Jace says.

"Noodles are the best," Tobias says. He gives me a small smile.

After heaving the bags and suitcases into the hall, we take the elevator up and Tobias opens the door to our apartment. I take it all in. We've been living here for two months now, after we moved out of Evelyn's. Tobias wanted our own space, and so far it's worked out pretty well. There's two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge and a bathroom. Problem is, the bathroom is kinda squished, so we'll have to take turns in there.

"Nice," Jace says.

"Thanks," I say. "Um, your room is over there." I point to the room opposite the bathroom. "Go check it out. You can put your stuff in there too."

Jace takes Clary by the hand and somehow manages to pull the luggage as well with not much effort. Seems quite strong, I think. Maybe they're both secret wrestlers undercover.

Tobias comes and rests his hand on my shoulder.

"This isn't so bad," he whispers.

"I guess not," I reply.

His hand slides down my arm, past my sleeve; when his skin collides with mine I feel a spark. For a second he holds my hand, and then his fingers are touching my hip gently. I want to pull him into my arms, but he has made the first move - suddenly I am facing him and kissing him and I feel his hand reaching for the hem of my shirt, and going underneath, and pulling the fabric upwards slowly. I can feel cool air on my torso, and abruptly I stop breathing. The fear of intimacy washes over me again; I know Tobias has sensed it, because he drops my shirt down, so my stomach is covered.

"Sorry," he says, touching my cheek. I look down - I'm so embarrassed. Why do my fears have to be so stupid?

"No, don't be," I argue. "I just don't get why I feel so uncomfortable. I can deal with holding hands and people touching my face, but just not my legs or my torso in general. It's so..." I bury my head in his shirt. The fabric is soft and smells of Tobias - soap and deodorant. "Annoying," I finish. "I should be the one apologising."

Tobias chuckles lightly. His arms are still wrapped around me, and his chin rests on my head. "I don't want to argue over who should say sorry," he says with humour in his voice. I can feel he is smiling. "Now, shall we order a takeout?"

"Chinese please," I literally beg. He chuckles and pushes my hair back from my face.

"Do you think the other two will like it?" Tobias asks. The selflessness is still there from his Abnegation roots.

"Evelyn told me that every New Yorker likes Chinese food," I tell him. Evelyn gave me a lesson on New York and its people last week. I must admit, it was interesting to learn about the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers and Central Park.

"Chinese it is, then," he mutters, picking up the telephone.

It's strange how we've adapted to normal life so quickly, because last year we were separated into five groups of people, and there were several cameras per building that were watching us.


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