Chapter 8

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*Dezmond's POV*

So much much blue....Why did I have triplets? I mentally groaned then looked at Jasmine.

"Girl dont look at me its your kids" she says.

I roll my eyes. I put my hands on the blue until a voice rung out.

"Maybe you should do black for the funeral" they say.

I turn around and give a evil smirk. "Nate.... I thought me and Kasen killed you?" I said.

Nate give me a death glare.

"You and your dirty nigga didnt do shit but make me lose my hand....but dont worry im back and im going to make sure your dead...and then when your dead im gonna kill your daughter and leave your bodies on the doorstep of your mothers house" he says.

Something about that made me shiver.But one thing I dont show is fear.  I gave off a chuckle.

"Yeah we will see" I say.

Nate doesnt say anything he just backs out the aisle and keeps walking.

Me and Jasmine look at each other and grab blue and pink decorations and throw them in the buggy. We speed to self check out and start checking out.

When we finished and put everything in the trunk we got inside the car and drove to GI GI's Cupcakes.

I quickly picked up the 80 cupcakes I had ordered and placed them in the back seat of my car.

I then decided to just go home and tell Kasen what happened. I got in the car and quickly drove back to my house.

*12 minutes later*

We pulled up and I got the decorations out the car. Jasmine got the cupcakes as I opened the door  and she jogged in and took them to the kitchen. I dropped the decorations at the door and walked in to see Kasen on the couch with Mariah.

Quad was on the floor with Paris putting makeup on his face and David giggling right next to her.

I let out a boom of laughter at the sight of the blush on Quad. Everybody turned towards me. My laughing died down and Paris started yelling.

"Mommie look at Quad!!" she says.

I look at Quad and he is giving me a death glare. He was trying his best to be scary....but sadly it wasnt working.  I then got a funny idea.

I took out my phone and snapped the photo. Then I took off.

"Dezmond Im going to kill you" Quad says chasing me.

"JASMINE!!" I scream running into the kitchen.

Jasmine turns towards me with buck eyes. I throw my phone to her and Quad runs in.

I stand behind the counter as he stares at Jasmine in shock.

Jasmine looks at me and then starts laughing. "" she says between laughs.

I grab my phone back as Quad comes over and tries to explain to Jasmine.

I didnt stick around though cause I really needed to talk to Kasen. I walked back into the living room and he was in the same spot with Mariah next to him. I walked over and sat on the other side of him.

"Hey babe" he says pecking my lips.

I smile. "Hey Kpooh...I need to tell you something" I say.

Before I can continue Kasen pulls Mariah into his lap.

"Baby girl go play with your brother and sister me and mommie have to talk" he says.

She rolls her eyes "Fine" she says.

I laugh as she gives Kasen a kiss then walks off.

"Now you come here" he says patting his lap.

I sigh and climb on to his lap.

"Now wassup baby?" he ask.

"Me and Jasmine ran into Nate....the one that kidnapped her...I dont think she recognized him but I do...he was telling us about how he lost his hand....and then he threatened us...told me he would kill us" I say.

Kasen gets quiet...then  his eyebrows stitch together signaling he was mad.

Before he can blow up I start rubbing his temple. He starts groaning.

" calm but I dont want you out here by ya self....if you need to go somewhere just let me know" Kasen says.

I nod in agreement.

He then grabs my hand and smiles.

"Dezmond I know I sound over protective its just that I love you and nobody is going to take you from me." he says.

I smile and peck his lips. I then get up and make my way to the other room. Before I can make it though Kasen calls my name.

"Yes?" I ask.

Then he said those words thst made me fall in love with him.

"I love you"

*Small filler chapter sorry I wasnt updating Ive been preparing for test....but welp guys I love you soo much....


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