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What Ethan said has still been on my mind now, for the past couple of days. I just think that it's to harsh to judge someone, when you don’t know the full story. I mean the guy has been outcast by a hunch. It's not fair. The boy seemed nice enough, I just feel like he wouldn't kill that girl like everyone thinks.

All of these thoughts about Cameron are distracting me from my physics teacher babbling on, I really need to focus. Or I will be completely lost, physics isn't one of my strong subjects. So with that in mind I tuned back into Mr Fitzpatrick talk about electromagnetic waves.

I was thrilled to be out of maths, and even better I had a free period. But the bad thing was I had no one to spend it with. Ethan had football practice and Liv had art right now so I was lonely.

Heading to the library to do my English essay now, so I could have time to train tonight. I walked in to the dim lighted room, that smelt like old books. I walked to the back, where I know it will be quite and they have tables back there so its even better.

As I made my way back there, I saw someone was already seated on one of the chairs doing work. It was non other than Cameron. I think this free just got interesting. I grabbed the seat opposite him and flopped down making sure to sigh, so I got his attention. He looked up wide eyed, I guessed surprised anyone had chosen to sit next to him.

“Kevin right?” I asked raising a eyebrow while getting my stuff out to work on. I knew his name, but I'm me and I like to be...difficult.

“Cameron” he asked still looking slightly shocked that I had sat here. “What are you, doing here” he asked putting down his pencil and sitting straight.

“Well Cameron, I'm here because my mother and father obviously had the hots for each other, and well you know the rest. Or you could be meaning what am I doing here well that is simple young boy. I'm doing work. Like most people come to do in a... Library” I finished looking him right in the eye

“No I mean... ah never mind. So how did that prank go yesterday. Did Scott Curtis get what he deserved” he asked with a small smile on his face.

“I have no idea what you're talking about... but yes, yes he did” full on grinning now I got my pen and started my work. Ten minutes later though I didn't know what to write about.

“Hey Cameron” I said in a sing song voice “Your in my English what is you're story about, give e some inspiration”

“Well” he said putting down his pen and rubbing the back of his neck “mine is a murder mystery”

“That's awkward, since everyone thinks you killed that girl, and here you are talking about a murder. How ironic”

“So you've heard about that, I'm not surprised” he said looking angrily at the table with his hands clenched into a fist.

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