Instead of a blaring alarm in his ear, his mother gently shook him awake, five minutes before 7am when his alarm was scheduled to go off. “Phil, wake up, school called, you don’t have to go in today, it’s snowing,” Phil groaned internally and buried his head in his pillow in an attempt to say ‘okay mum, let me sleep now’. Beth laughed at her lazy yet adorable son and left for work with a quick I love you. No matter how much he tried, and trust me, he tried a lot, once his mother had woken him up, he just couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard he did in fact try. Instead of sleeping, or more like trying to sleep, he pulled out his whiteboard and punched the number into his phone before sending off a quick text to Dan.

‘Hey. – Phil’ Not focusing too much on whether he got a reply, he threw his phone onto the bed and stumbled off into his en suite bathroom and ran his fingers through his matted, black hair. He left the water to run for a bit before climbing into the shower and just standing. Have you ever done that? Got into the shower and just stood staring at nothing. The shower curtain, the shower head, the bathroom tiles? You’re standing there for what seems like two minutes but is really a lot longer. Well Phil had. Every single morning. Sometimes he’d think about things, other times his mind wouldn’t be with his body and would be in a place with rainbows, unicorns and lions. Like that morning for example. He didn’t even realise he’d been standing there until his dad was banging on his bedroom door announcing that he was leaving for work. ‘Great! Home alone!’ Phil scowled. He hated his parents leaving him alone. There was nothing to do by yourself. He shouldn’t have been bitter though, after all, they were just getting money for his school, for his food, for his gifts, for him. After a good, long, shower, Phil decided on getting out before he ended up being washed away down the drain. With a quick hair dry and a simple outfit, Phil was back on his bed texting Dan.

‘Hey, aren’t you at school? – Dan’ It was bad. It was bad that even though it was a simple text, no thought behind it whatsoever, it made Phil’s heart flutter. That wasn’t right was it? His heart never fluttered if he got a text from his mum, then again, that was just his mum, it’d be kind of strange if his stomach flipped upside down when his mum text him.

‘Nope, snow, school was cancelled – Phil’ the sixteen year old smiled, he was actually having a conversation with a boy. A cute boy.

‘You got lucky. The head of our school decided that even though everyone is freezing their arses off right now, it would be a brilliant idea to come to school today – Dan’ and there was the funny feeling again. The domestic feeling. The feeling of wanting to hug the boy tight so that he wasn’t ‘freezing his butt off’. Yeah, Phil never swore. Ever. He was basically as innocent as a baby lamb.

‘I’m all alone D: Do you maybe… I don’t know, would you like to come over after school? Just, it’s really boring being here alone. You don’t have to or anything! – Phil’ smooth Phil. Real smooth. Even in his mind Phil still couldn’t speak right, stumbling over his words.

‘I’d love to, I’ve got to go now though, Science ugh kill me. Text me your address yeah? I wasn’t paying too much attention to where my mum was driving yesterday. Whoops. – Dan’ Phil beamed brightly, a brilliant aura basically bouncing off him. After texting the address, Phil pulled out his guitar and let the music flood his ears getting lost in the noise reminding him of a secure place. A place of the past.


When there was a knock at the door, it well and truly pulled him out of his reverie. He gently placed the old battered, yet fully operating, guitar on his bed.  He fled down the stairs two at a time and basically crashed against the front door. Taking a minute or so to calm down, he swung open the door to a very neat looking Dan who was still dressed in his uniform from head-to-toe. “I came here straight from school… if you were wondering,” Phil nodded and swung the door open more, stepping to the side inviting in the chestnut haired boy. Dan happily stepped into the warm, homey building and smiled brightly. “How has your school-less day been?” Dan joked and Phil just gave him a thumbs up and a huge smile. He wasn’t lying. He’d had a good day, practicing guitar and being excited for a cute boy to come to his house. Sounds alright don’t it? “So you’ve had a good day?” Dan laughed. That freakin’ adorable laugh. Not being able to stop himself any longer, Phil nodded his head quickly and grabbed Dan’s hand, dragging him up the stairs and into his room. The first thing Dan noticed about his room was that it was rather messy, posters were stuck everywhere and mugs and plates were scattered about probably from weeks ago. So yes, Phil may have been mute but that doesn’t make him any less ordinary than the next teen boy you will lay your eyes on. “You really do like Muse don’t you?” Another giggle escaped Dan’s lips as he examined each and every one of the Muse posters. Some popular, some limited edition and some just really, really, old. So old in fact that the corners were peeling yet Phil refused to take them down. With a nod from Phil, Dan continued talking. “I don’t know if I told you this yesterday but they’re my favourite band too, their music is just… wow,” Phil, still not speaking as per usual, just nodded his agreement and sat on his bed, strumming a few strings not actually playing a song. “Oh… you play?” Dan sounded… surprised to say the least. Bashful all of a sudden, Phil paled and quickly scrambled to put the guitar in its original position. Safe under Phil’s bed. Phil grabbed his whiteboard and pen, scribbling something down.

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