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Hey Harry it's me

I just saw your text

Millie x

I wasn't really sure what to write back to Harry so I just kept it simple, it's Sunday today and I've been lounging around all day watching films on Netflix, my mum was doing a roast for dinner and my dad is able to eat with us.

At 5pm my mum calls me down for dinner, "coming!" I shout. Just as I go to go downstairs my phone goes of and again it's from Harry.

Would you meet me tonight?

-Harry xx

I text him back almost straight away,

Yeah no problem I'm just having dinner then ill message you.

Millie xx

I go down for dinner with a big smile on my face, at the moment I'm unsure how I feel about Harry all I know is he's a good friend. I sit at the table with mum and dad, mum has already served our dinner onto our plates, "this looks delicious mum!" I tell her. "thank you darling" she replies. So we sit there eating and when I'm finished I thank my mum and before I go upstairs I remember I should tell her I'm going out later. "mum I'm meeting a friend later, just to let you know". "Okay, don't be back to late you have work tomorrow" "okay mum". I go upstairs and check my phone and see I have another message from Harry.

Meet me at the local park at 7?

-Harry xx

Ok. See you there

-Millie xx

I look at the clock and it's 6:30pm, I really should get ready, I walk over to my dresser and get out a jumper and leggings. I leave my hair to be naturally wavy and quickly apply light foundation and some mascara. I decide to wear my Uggs as it's chilly outside. I pick up my phone and leave the house heading for the park, when I arrive I see him standing there wearing a grey beanie with a matching grey sweater and some light jeans with red converses. He's smiling, "Hey Millie, glad you could make it" I smile back before saying "Yeah, hey Harry". "Follow me I'm going to show you the most beautiful part of this park" he says holding my hand leading me in another direction. We get to the highest point of the park and Harry has a blanket that he lays on the grass, "Lay on it" he tells me, so I lay down unsure of what he's up to. He lays next to me "Look up" he says. I look above me and he's right it's beautiful, the sky is pitch black and you can see millions of starts lighting up the sky "Wow" is all I can say "Yeah pretty amazing right?" he says. We lay there for an hour just saying to each other that there are patterns in the sky. "Millie, have you ever been in love?" His question takes me by surprise but I answer. "Honestly, no, this may sound silly but I haven't even had my first kiss" I tell him,blushing. "That's not silly" he says. We just lay there next to each other and then Harry leans over me and kisses me softly on the lips, and pulls back and smiles.

Wow Harry styles was my first kiss and I loved it.

"Harry, have you ever been in love?" I ask. "Yes, well I thought I was" he says. "What happened?" I continued to ask. "Well it was in secondary school, I thought she was the love of my life but she cheated on me with one of my mates so I ended with her. And I guess when I got over her I realised she was just a silly relationship" he says.

"Millie?" he says, "Yes harry?" I answer. "I like you" "I like you too"

Harry decides he's going to walk me home because it's late and I don't mind anyway. We reach my house and we both stop. "So, thank you for showing me the stars" I say "Your welcome" He replies. He hugs me and pecks me on the lips. "Goodbye Millie" he then walks off into the direction of his house. There must be about 100 butterfly's in my belly I can't believe it, before I didn't know how I felt about Harry but now I know, I've fallen for him hard, it hurts because I know he doesn't care about me the same way I care about him. I walk in my house and go upstairs to my bedroom, I put on my pyjamas and lay in bed and drift of to sleep.

The next morning I wake up at 7am because it's my work day, I reach for my phone checking my messages before I get ready.

Last night was amazing

Hopefully again sometime?

-Harry xx

I reply straight away


Millie xx

I get up , have a bath and wash my hair. I put on my work clothes and tie my hair in a messy bun, apply some light foundation and some mascara. I put on my coat and my converse and grab my bag and phone and leave for work.

As I'm walking to work my phone beeps again.

I'll be in your work later, the usual yeah? :)

-Harry xx

I smile as I read his text and reply.

Got it. I have work now so text you later.

Millie xx

I get into work and Jess and Jacob are already here. We talk in between making drinks and serving people, Jess asks me about Harry and I tell her what's been happening. The day goes by and Jess and Jacob leave at the normal time and I'm left to tend the shop. A little while after Harry walks in, "Caramel frap, large" he says walking over to me. "3.60" I tell him and he hands me the money. "So how's work been?" he asks. "Oh yeah it's fine I finish in about half an hour" I reply. "In that case, would you mind being my date to the cinema?" I smile. "Of course". I make up his drink and give it to him and he waits for me until the end of my shift. I lock up the shop and we head for the cinema, "Harry, you know you've never actually told me how old you are" I say laughing. "I'm 19, you?" He tells me "I'm 17" I say. "Aww little baby" he teases. We laugh and chat and before we know it we reach the cinema. He buys my ticket refusing to let me pay, we sit in the cinema watching the movie and Harry does this cheesy move which is yawning and putting his arm over my shoulders! I couldn't help but chuckle but I did love him putting his arms around me. We finish watching the film and he walks me home, it starts raining and me and Harry get soaked, we laugh and mess around in the rain. He picks me up and spins me around in the air and places his lips on mine and kisses me, I kiss back and we stand there kissing passionately, he pulls back and says,

"Millie, be mine?" My heart flutters and I can't believe how happy I am

"Of course I will Harry"


Sorry for kinda short chapter. Hope you enjoy <3

Love Leanne xxxx

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