Fairy Tail- A New Beggining

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I was running, my blonde hair flowing behind my tearstained face. He cant go, not now, not with Natsu, the only other human I had ever known. I screamed at him to come back, or to take me with him. But he kept flying on.

"IGNEEL" my frantic scream echoed off of the dark, snowy mountains a few fields away from where I stood . My four year old self screamed in frustration at the now tiny dragon flying off in the distance, then, darkness enveloped the dreamscape.

I woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for breath. It was that damn dream again. It has been eight years since Igneel left me on a hillside to fend for myself, I was screaming and waving my arms about when a six year old girl with puffy brown hair and the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen. She asked me skeptically what I was doing and I answered" trying to fly after Igneel and Natsu, of course!" the look of pure pity she gave me was very annoying so I sat down and pouted. Then she walked up to me, ruffled my hair and called me cute- she couldn't be too bad could she?

I soon found out that her name was Cammie Brooks, she was a celestial wizard and already had two keys- it was at this time my stomach started speaking to myself, and so I flipped myself onto my stomach " do you have any food?" I groaned.

" Yes I do, just follow me." she said, getting up and brushing the grass off of her bum. " By the way- where do you come from?" I stopped rolling on the floor and thought to myself- where do I come from?

" I guess I don't actually know..." I shrugged as she processed this new information. "How about you come and live in the orphanage with me?"

" what is an orphan?" she laughed as a new friendship was formed by the orphan girl with the keys and the abandoned girl with the dragon story.

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