Ice and Fire (Intro)

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"I would do ANYTHING to save her, Art. And you know that damn well." Damien shouted, helplessly on his knees, leaning forward. Art laughed with his gravelly voice. He tugged Damien's hood, lifting him to his feet.

Art's guards' swords were still too Damien's pale, white neck. "Anything?" Art asked with a smirk on his face. "Anything." Damien repeated. "And yet. She can't go an inch close to you or you'll die." "What's your point?" Damien sighed. Art stared disgustingly into Damien's piercing ice blue eyes. "Avaline is a Fire Elf. You are an Ice Elf. I feel such pity for her - having you love her." Art threw his head back and chuckled. Damien's face squinted in anger. He threw himself towards Art. "You are a fucking heartless basta-" Art's guards' threw Damien to the ground below him, aiming their swords now to below his chin. "Oh, Damien. You should not have done that." Art spitted, kicking Damien directly on his rubcage. He let out a loud groan - for the pain was excruciating.

To Be Continued..



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