The Weeping Angels

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I stood plastered up against a wall

My eyes were watering.

My fingers were trembling.

A statue stood before me.

Tall and brave.

But I was not as brave as it.

I knew the Doctor was coming.

I knew he was on his way.


I screamed.

It was closer than before.

But that blink felt nice, I need to do it again.


It was only a centimeter away from me.

I need to get away.

But I have no where to go.

"Doctor" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

But I had looked away.

And when I looked back at the Angel...

It wasn't there.

There was only a sign that said

" Come to the world fair of 1788."

I was scared.

But the Doctor will find me.

I hope.

AN: I hope y'all like it so far. I'm trying to incorporate every Doctor Who villain.

I hope I succeed.

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