2. Moving In

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2) Moving In

The next morning I awoke early at Jens' house. I spent many nights at her place since we grew up together and with dad going on a lot of business trips; he didn't feel safe with his little girl living alone so Jens' place was like my second home. Her parents never minded because my Mom was Uncle John's favorite sister. But they didn't disapprove with Dad's wedding because I was very happy and they knew that it had been a long time since Mom's death.

Jens was still fast asleep so I quickly brushed my teeth and went down to eat breakfast. Aunt Sarah was an early riser so it was no surprise seeing her in the kitchen making breakfast at 6 am. "Morning, Sarah," I greeted her while grabbing an apple on the counter. "Morning to you too, Ave. So, Jens is not awake yet?" she asked as she flipped her pancakes. Hmm they smelt so good. "Very true," I answered. I helped her prepare the breakfast. After some quick shoves of pancakes and eggs into my mouth, I ran up to Jens' room to change into my jogging suit. She woke up due to the noises of me shuffling around her room.

"Good morning!" I shouted into her ears and she looked at me groggily. "Bitch," she mumbled under her breath while giving out a loud yawn. "Going out to jog? What time is it?" she asked, rubbing her eyes as she looked at the bedside clock. "Aww no good morning to me?" I teased her as she fell back onto her comfy bed after seeing it was only 7 in the Saturday. "Yep and I'm jogging back home. Oh and breakfast is already finished," I informed her after I gathered my things and put into a sports bag. She just waved her hand limply letting me know that she heard what I was saying but too tired to respond me. The distance between mine and Jens' house was not that far. It was an hour jog but only 15 minutes drive. "Don't forget to come to mine later to take your bag that you left yesterday," I yelled into her room and ran out the house to start my daily routine of jogging.

After putting the ear buds of my iPod into my ears, I played my jogging playlist and started to jog the road to my home. Yeah, I had jogging playlist that I listened to while I felt like running. I rather much ran than jog. I loved the adrenaline rushing and the wind in my air while I ran as fast as my legs carried me. Instead of an hour, I reached my home in just half an hour. I was out of breath while I leaned on my knees outside my house. The music was still blasting loudly in my ears when a person approached me so I didn't hear nor see that person since I had my eyes closed to calm down my rapid heartbeats that always got frantic after a good running. I was startled when someone pulled out my ear buds. I quickly whipped around to see who dared to plug out my ear buds. I frowned when I saw Cole standing in front of me with sweat drenched clothes.

He raised an eyebrow and asked, "Shouldn't you be at your cousin's house?" I just shrugged and replied, "Same to you. Why are you here early on a Saturday morning?" He glanced at me while unlocking the door to our house. Cole and Mom are moving in today. They had been moving in little by little but since Cole was still attending school at his old neighborhood, they would be moving in permanently today. Most of their things were already at home but Cole's room was still empty yesterday.

"I asked you first so you should answer me. Not ask back questions," he said as he entered the house. Our house is a simple two-storied building with lots of windows. You could see the living room as the first thing if you enter the house. Cole went straightly to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator. "Ah, I always ran back home after staying there for the night. So, how about you? Aren't you supposed to stay at your friend's house or somewhere?" I asked while rummaging the fridge for my favorite orange juice. He laughed at my response, clearly amused. "Why ran back? They treat you nicely that you have to run back?" His question made me think back to my earlier reply and I felt myself laughing too. "NO! I didn't mean it like that. I mean I always take a run around the neighborhood every morning and when I stay at their place, I take a run back home instead of driving back here," I quickly explained. I found my orange juice at the back corner of the fridge and unscrewed the bottle and gulped down the tasty juice. I sighed contently after quenching my thirst. "That came out wrong, huh. Anyways, I run in the mornings too. So, I am here instead of at my friend's house," he replied while taking out the cereal from the cupboard to pour into his bowl. "Wanna have some?" he asked when he noticed I was looking at him. "No thanks. I already had my breakfast at Jens'. I am going to my room then. Call me if you need anything," I said making my way to my room on the second floor.

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