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I walk slowly towards the bed, remove

my nike slippers and climb on top of

her. She puts her fingers in my mouth

her juices are so sweet. I want to taste

her so bad but I'm not, I want her to

want me...to beg for it. She reaches

around my head and remove the

rubber band holding my hair up.

Running her fingers through my

dreads, she pulls my head to her face

and kiss my lips. Pulling hers hands

from my head I stretch her arms above

her head.

" Keep your hands above your head and

don't fuckin touch me. Do you


She nods her head "yes"

I trace her frame from the palm of her

hands down  her arms then back up.

"You're beautiful babe you kno that

right? I love you"

Grabbing her face I tilt her head to the

side and lick her neck with the tip of

my tongue. Flicking my tongue she

feels my tongue ring and thrust her

hips letting me know she's ready.

"I'm in control" I thought to my self

"She gets it when I'm ready for her to

have it."

"I smile to myself with satisfaction."

Still licking her neck my hands finds

her wetness, her clit is already swollen.

I move my fingers in a circular

motion.... she follows my lead then her

nails were in my back. I move my

hands and pinch her nipples hard!

"Didn't I tell you not to fucking touch

me Mani?" I asked while still squeezing

her nipples.

I place her hands back where they

belong making my way down to her

tender breast. I take the left one into

my mouth taking my time then the

right one, I softly bite both of them.

"I want you now." she whispered soft.

"What did you say baby?"

" I said I want you now!"

I smiled and proceeded on my way to

her love kissing her stomach down to

her thighs, my mouth watered for her.

Taking all of her into my mouth I made

sure not to miss a drop.

She gasp, "umm I love you Dynasty."

Massaging her clit with my tongue, I

stuck it inside of her....in and out in

and out slowly gradually picking up the past. Hitting all

the right spots her moans, her

movements tells me. I move back up to

her clit then back inside of her again.

Two fingers inside I take them out and

put them in her mouth, I lift her ass so

my tongue can get deeper. Matching

my rhythm she grabs my dreads I do

nothing because I know exactly what

the means. She pushed my face deeper

into her pussy moaning uncontrollably,

her legs tighten. Gripping the the

sheets and arching her back I can feel

the pulsing of her clit as she comes in

my mouth.

I kiss her "That's for having a smart

ass mouth."

She just stares at me like she has

something to say, those eyes something

about those eyes are saying something

to me I just can't quite get it. Imani

drifts off to sleep, her phone rings on

the night stand text message from


"Sup gorgeous I had fun last night. You

ready for another great night 😜"

My eyes widen who the fuck is


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