Chapter 5 xxx

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Emily's P.O.V

It was a nice mall with loads of shops, and it smelled like candy floss and ice cream! I loved it.

I never thought that I was going to be going out with Niall Horan, even though I have wanted to ever since I saw him in the restaurant.

"So what do you want to do first?" I heard jenny ask me as we walked into the mall, "we could go to primark or new look, oh oh !!! We could go to the new nick nack shop they have opened in the top floor!"

I nodded my head in agreement then went if a trail upstairs to this stuffy boutique shop that smelled like it belonged in a Harry potter movie , but it was kind of beautiful though, twinkly lights and lamps from the twenties , it all seamed like a dream.

Then it all stopped as I saw my mum in the corner looking at an antique typewriter.

"I think it's time to go now, why don't we get something to eat at the food court? eh," I looked at Jenny and I could tell she knew I was worried , I hadn't seen my mum in over 1 year now and I don't think I could face her nagging about how I was wrong and I should go back home.

And then I thought of Niall and how I had to stay for him and that calmed me down a little bit.

"Ok, I know a good place outside of here cause all there's here is McDonald's and KFC , not that they are bad but I know a cheaper more delicious place, the only thing is, we would have to take away so we would have to bring it back home and I think that ifwe did Niall would probably want some." she giggled to herself as we walked to my car.

On the way to this Chinese, Jenny kept telling me the (quite often wrong) directions.

When we finally got there it was I site for sore eyes, a broken sign with old birds nests hanging of the top of it and it wasn't much better inside either.

Jenny's P.O.V

We walked inside of 'village wok' when I saw the look of disgust on Emily's face, like she could smell something horrible.

She probably could because the place always smelt and I think it was the teenage boy at the front desk.

"Can a hulp ye?" He asked.

"Yes can we get a noodle soup, chips and a side of BBQ Sauce, chicken balls, chicken fried rice and chicken chow main please." I asked.

He repeated what I said then took his time to add it up.

"Tha ul be £19.59 thanks," I looked in my purce and pulled out a twenty as I heard Emily say "It's ok, I'll pay," in a pitiful voice.

"No no, Niall gave me money anyway." and that was the end of that conversation.

Emily's P.O.V

Jenny handed the boy the money and got her change back, we waited about 10 minutes for it then headed off. "I'm going to hide the prawn crackers before Niall gets his mitts on them, he thinks just cause u get the for free there his, I do think so!" And that was the end of that conversation.

Just as I was about to get in the car, I felt I hand grab my shoulder. when I turned around I couldn't believe it !!

Authors note xxx

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