Its been a week since everything happened. And Gabe hasn't sent me any texts, calls or even letters. I miss him so much.

"Riley, what the hell are you doing?" Seth says from my window

For some reason I was on top of my roof. I looked at the clock and realized I was up here for two hours. I don't even remember getting up here.

"I honestly don't know" I say walking back into my room through the window

"Well no more" He says shutting my window and locking it

"Ok" I say not really caring

I just want Gabe

"Have you heard from Gabe?" I ask dying for an answer

"Nope, speaking of Gabe" Seth says

"What?" I sigh on disappointment

"You two aren't ya know" He says doing the hand motion for sex

"Oh my god! Seth. No we are not. And its none of your business" I yell in embarrassment

"Ok" He says throwing his hands up while walking out but before he leaves he says one last thing "Always use protection" Then he runs off

Ohmygod. Howembarrassing.


I have been grocery shopping for the past 30 minutes and I feel as if someone has been watching me. I can't help but stop and turn and look.

"Dad?" I say as he picks out some Fruit Loops

"I'm sorry" He says walking towards me "I know I feel like some creeper I just need to know your fine. I mean Seth isn't even here is he?" He says changing the subject

"Dad Im fine" I say looking at the time

10:35 pm

"Anyways your late for your shift" I say wanting him to leave

"Ok. Ok I'll see you later bug" He says kissing me on the fourhead

He hasn't called me bug since I was five. I still hate him so very deeply.

As I get in my car I stop at CVS to get my prescription meds for my head.

"Crap" I say as I look at the closed sign

So of course I walk back to my car but I still feel watched so I look around the parking lot but no ones here. And the CVS is about 5 minutes from a stoplight or traffic road. So of course I freak.

But before I can turn my car on someone grabs my mouth making me panic and covering my scream. So I move and panic around in my seat

"Riley, calm down" The voice says letting go of my mouth

As I turn around in my seat to see the best thing possible right now.

"Gabe!" I yell jumping on him to the backseats

"Shhh" He says as he lays under me on the backseats

"No ones here. And I missed you so much" I say kissing him like I will never see him again.

And that might be the case...

"I missed you too" He says as we stop kissing

"Who knows your here?" I ask the big question

"Only you. And let's keep that way" He says winking at me

"Secrets safe with me" I say locking my mouth shut

"I like the position we're in" He says making me blush

"Uh" I say very embarrassed

"Shhh. No talking" He says as we start making out like crazy

We had been kissing for about 5 minutes and when I came up for air I noticed I had my shirt off and so did Gabe

"Let's stop before anything happens " He says pulling back

"But I want to" I say very bravely but I honestly wanted too

"Your sure" He says making sure

"Yes" I say kissing him


The next morning I wake up in the car..... naked..... on top of Gabe...... while he is also naked...

"Gabe!" I say panicing 

"Huh?" He says shooting up 

"We have to hurry people might see us" I say starting to put my clothes on

"Riley" He says stopping me "They dont open untill another 3 hours" He says as he starts kissing me on the neck

And he does this for about 30 minutes and I am not complaining


"So this is where your living?!" I say as I see this beautiful mansion that he is living in

"Nice right?' He says

"Thats an understatement" I say admiring this beautiful thing "Its beautiful"

"Not as beautiful as you" He says kissing my neck again "Wanna tour?" He says as he gets out of the car

"No, I need to head home. Seth is probably worried sick" I say realizing what am I going to tell him

"Alright, come over tonight" He says "We can always go for round two" He says as he winks

"We'll see" I say winking back and driving away


"So where were you?" Seth says at the kitchen table still in pjs as I look at the clock 

7:12 am

"I was at Farahs" I lie

"Thats funny cause she is in my bed right now sleeping" He says "And is that a Hickey?"

As disgusted as I am right now and realizing Gabe had gave me one so of course I had to make up a lie and one he would like to know

"I was with a boy" I say smiling and acting like a little girl

"Who?' He says not entertained

"His name is .. Luke" I say making up on the spot

"What about Gabe?" He ask

He is such an asshole...

"I got a letter saying he wasn't coming back and that we were over" I say making up some story "I was so upset I went to this club to get him off my mind. And I met Luke" I say starting to walk up stairs

"You didnt do anything with this Luke boy?" He says 

"Nope, thats why I like him" I say not waiting for a responce and going to take a shower 


Gabe is back and WOAH did they really just..? Yes THEY DID.

AND how cute is it how they are sneaking around. Its kind of hot too ;)

Stay Beautiful my loves xoxo

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