The Darkness

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"The stars are going out."

I see the lights in your eyes
Shining like a million stars
A galaxy of wonder
Hidden in a beautiful sky

Your smile, so quiet and gentle
Brings out the first star
That I would wish upon
Expanding into a field of light

You seemed so happy
Your stars twinkled in the night
Winking down at me
And keeping me safe

But then one day
When the moonrise came
I looked up to see
That the stars were doing out

I asked you what was wrong
"Nothing," you lied
I held you close and begged for truth
You only looked away

The nights continued on
And still the stars slowly died
And one night
Not one rose at all

The Darkness had come
Your eyes dull and lifeless
Without the twinkling lights
And I could feel it deep down

My stars were going out


Hey all you Whovians out there! I wrote this with Doctor Who in mind, writing from the Doc's perspective. However, I intentionally left it to be ambiguous because I think it can apply to anyone, honestly.
Hope you cried--er, enjoyed. I mean enjoyed.
Love y'all!

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